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Any tutorial for making custom weapons?

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I had an epiphany about some custom weapons for Doom and I'd like it to be a reality. I've seen some tutorials in google and in the "tutorials" sub-forum. However they're all most for making custom maps and not about weapons. Do you know any tutorial focused on them?

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MaxED said:

Thanks a lot. It seems to be a really complete tutorial.

Voltcom9 said:

Everything I learned about making custom weapons / monsters etc. was from the ZDoom forums decorate wiki. If you can demonstrate a lot of patience and continued effort just about anything can be made. Really everything you need to know is available there.

I really hope so. What I want to do is kinda... unorthodox and not common for an FPS (at least for any FPS I've played). Thanks, I guess I'll be hanging around the Zdoom forums.

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