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Doom Project Version 1.1 (only music)

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Just wanted to give you the heads up if anyone interesting I have uploaded a music wad. The music was an inspiration of what I have listened from the Unreal Tournament 3 Soundtracks and composer J.M. Jarre. So the music is within that style (Electronica). You can find the link here:


Also, I have uploaded a video of the music use in some of the mods I have played (which is listed at the beginning of the video). Just beware that the mods I have listed do not contain any my music. The video is there only for showcase. However, I do dedicated the music for those who still continue to create these wonderful Doom Mods which I still continue to play. I guess these wonderful mods have inspired me to create background music while playing.

Video (just music):

Video (actual play):

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