For those that don't know, Doom and Alice: Madness Returns developer American McGee's sister Mercy Johnson Covington disappeared more than a year ago from northeast Dallas, TX (White Rock).

There was a thread about this before here on Doomworld, but rather than necropost, I thought I'd make something new to keep it alive.

Here is the Facebook post with most of the information and she's been missing since being dropped off at home after work and mentions someone who threatened Mercy by name:

Here is American McGee's blog about her disappearance:

It looks like these are the most recent articles looking for her marking the 1 year anniversary:

Here is American's sister saying a few things to websleuths:

6 months later American McGee on Twitter, bluntly stated they assume she's dead based on the crime scene. I can't find the link to the tweet, but here is a screenshot from websleuths. They've gone from suspect foul play to crime scene.

There have only been a few articles about the disappearance in the past year that seem gaming related since American McGee is a game developer. Here is the earliest piece of news that I can find with a credible news source with what looks like a mug shot, but maybe its just a terrible bathroom background:

Speaking of mug shot, not to rub salt in the wound, but it looks like she has had one for possession of a controlled substance in June 2014:

I looked up the offense since she was in and out with bail posted at $2,500:

She disappeared at the 1600 block of Fuller Ave, "possibly" wearing sunglasses at 9 pm at night (Facebook says 8 pm)... in November I may add, according to this website:

Who knows how correct that website is, but its the only site I can find that detailed of information. It also mentions a large rectangular black purse with a big metal G. I assume its this purse (just a picture, not her real purse):

Looks like she disappeared in a residential area across from a furniture store that has train tracks next to it, but the nearest train station is well to the northwest. There are a few other businesses on the 1600 block. There is also what looks to be a surf supply store. I should point out that where she disappeared is near a company called "Lone Star Transportation Experts" which seems to be related to limousine / livery businesses, but that's not on the 1600 Fuller block, but that's only where she was last seen.

Here is a map of the area:,+Dallas,+TX+75218/@32.8366595,-96.6884057,165m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x864ea115b2c7906d:0xe324bf642d82fdef!8m2!3d32.8366933!4d-96.6883521!6m1!1e1

American McGee mentioned a crime scene, so the police must have something that's not public yet. From the look of it, there's plenty of people there with plenty of not people there with all the storage lots around.

The $5,000 GoFundMe page was successful and as of 2 months ago someone was wondering what I am now. Also according to the page they lost their youngest sibling May 2015:

I dug through some Jane Does in TX and chances are someone would have found her long before me. Sometimes people forget who they are until someone recognize them. It doesn't seem like there's much news coverage so chances are no one in Dallas, TX / White Rock knew to look.

In digging around for her I found her residence which looks like it is now or was always covered in trees. You might not even think there is a house in there when her neighbors have well manicured open lawns. Its also 3+ minutes south of where she disappeared. Then again it might be an old residence.

As for American McGee, according to his blog the Shanghai studio closed in August and he has a Patreon page for creating games while he's sailing.

So after a few hours of digging, I was unsuccessful. Does anyone else have anything new?