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Doom 3 Textures for Doom

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24 minutes ago, cortlong50 said:



Would you be interested in working on PBRing with me? I’d love to do that for at least a few textures to play with. 


I'm afraid I am too busy with another project. If you only intend to give PBR to specific textures I don't think it would be too hard to do it yourself. Just make a level where you use D3 textures of your choosing, and then add PBR only to the ones that you used after the fact.

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Sorry for the late response. The textures in the pack are the size of original Doom.

If they are not, then check the previous page 11 and get the pack, you may be using the textures before the pack was made.

The pack should contain a TEXTURES.txt which scales them to original Doom sizes.



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On 11/7/2017 at 3:03 PM, Mr.Rocket said:

Ok, here is the current D3Retro v3.6 texture pack.

Also contains bright maps. :)



1. Download and extract the .zip into any random directory on your computer.

Folder name:  D3Retro_v3.6_TEXTURES will be created.


2. Load GZDB up and then load or create a new map.

Select to build in a source engne that supports UDMF.

When asked to Add resources, select (Add resource) and then select the (From Directory) Tab.

Select the location of both of the Textures and Brightmaps directory paths, then hit Ok.

2.1 You will have to do this twice so both textures and brightmaps will be loaded separately.


3. That's it, the textures are loaded and you can begin to map with them.


Forgive my ignorance... but is this project a resource file with textures to create new maps from scratch?  Not a mod that changes the look of Doom1/2 regular map textures to give it a Doom³ feel?  Thank you.

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Yes new textures only, but people could use these and rename them to create a "skin" for the original game.

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If I will ever continue on my Techbase, then you can play something with those textures. Was using them exclusively (+ custom self made stuff). They are really awesome textures.

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On 12/20/2020 at 5:53 AM, <<Rewind said:

Any Doom 3 themed wads so far?


Sorry for the slight bump, but this may be of interest, it's fun and one of the few Doom 3 wads I know to exist:



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Hello. I downloaded and started to fiddle around with this PK3.

I really like what I see, but I find that textures aren't "ordered" or "categorized" in any of the regular groups GZDB has, or any others.

If I took the time to categorize every single texture into one of the groups/categories available, could I export that categorization so anyone else could benefit from that?

Just wanted to know that.

Dudes who built this should have a fucking gold statue built of them on phobos. The real phobos, marsian moon.

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9 hours ago, pablogener said:


If I took the time to categorize every single texture into one of the groups/categories available, could I export that categorization so anyone else could benefit from that?


Yes you can. Theres a file called Doom_texturesets.cfg in Doombuilder variants which contains this information in the format:

	name = "Doors";
	filter0 = "BIGDOOR*";
	filter1 = "DOOR*";
	filter2 = "EXITDOOR";
	filter3 = "SPCDOOR*";
	filter4 = "TEKBRON1";
	filter5 = "TEKBRON2";


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Hello everyone.

I've been fiddling around with the "texturesets" file and having to go through 1600+ textures and group them up is a huge amount of work. The current available tools, namely GZDB's built-in menus and forms are much of an obstacle rather than a help. So, what I did is extract all the contents of the pk3 and started to build my own tool to create a new "Doom_texturesets.cfg" file. I'm doing it in VB6 because I know a lot of it and because I like VB6.

With this tool you can go through all the textures in a folder and add them to a group. When you're finished going through all of them, you can generate a .cfg file and replace the existing one with the one you generated.

This is how far I got already:


I plan to release the source code and an executable version here, so anyone could take advantage of this, or modify it and improve it in any way possible.




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@pablogener I think this could be very useful if you'll make convinient GUI. Nice job nonetheless, i missed this type of tool one or two times so i just abandoned the idea of filtering textures.


BTW you can start new thread for your tool for easier search Already did

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On 1/16/2018 at 11:47 AM, Mr.Rocket said:

The hi-res Pk3 version of the Doom3 Retro texture pack has been released.

And can be found HERE!

This version has all the hi-res textures, including brightmaps, brightmap animations, skies, and some requested pentagram decals.

Test the skies and decals with the test maps hosted in the same location. 



The low-res (Doom color palette) version can be found in the usual place HERE.






Hey there. I absolutely love your work. I was wondering if there was a way to load these textures as a replacement mod for DOOM II based wads? What would be the method for that? Would you consider making such a mod? 

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