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Full Sentient Mushes OST for free

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From my IWAD WIP, I've composed enough musics since June 2016 until January 2017, including bad, awful and very good ones. 43 musics (6 being part of an upcoming gametype called Mushmatch) is always enough for that kind of not-so-large game like Sentient Mushes!

So I'd like to provide the FULL(!) OST, with exclusive MIDIs not available on SoundCloud yet (from the chronological perspective of the posting time), and all in a single ZIP!

Download Now!

== Music Titles (MUSINFO) ==

SM_TRFIR "Trees on Fire"
SM_BASE "Hurry to the Base!"
D_INTRO "Main Theme Song"
SM_VCTRY "Nevermore Chickenstein"
SM_MDEST "Mycodestiny"
SM_NEMES "Nemesis Fulfilled"
SM_WATER "Splashproof Now!"
SM_TEXT "Type the Demonic Text"
SM_TEXT2 "Old Theme"
SM_MERCY "When it Depends on Mercy"
SM_EPIC "Fantasy that Doesn't Ends"
SM_SNEAK "Sneaking to Kill"
SM_RAID "The Raid"
SM_WGUCK "Random weird song."
SM_HAPPY "Happy Lands"
SM_STORY "Long Story Short"
SM_ACID "Acid is Raining"
SM_ELEMT "Badly Elemental"
SM_TVICT "Base Cape (old SM_BASE)"
U_INTER2 "Progress Done"
SM_ESCPE "Lands of Turmoil (former Escape Branx Ship)"
SM_CREP1 "Creeping Delusions"
SM_FROCK "Forest Rock Out"
SM_FISHY "Fishy Situation!"
U_INTER "Between the Missions (old D_INTER)"
SM_RUNER "Newrunner"
SM_OPOBL "Operation Oblivion"
SM_DRKDP "Dark Depths"
SM_FNENC "Final Encounter"
SM_BKFTY "Black Fantasy"
SM_STSTN "Satellite Saturn"
SM_RKBD "Rock'n'Boulders"
D_INTER "Advance"
SM_BZWZ "Blitzwaltz"
SM_TRFIR "Trees on Fire"
SM_OTWLD "Otherworldness"

SM_MSSPS "Suspense"
SM_MTNSE "Tense"
SM_MIFCT "Infection Event"
SM_MDETH "Loss Event"
SM_MACTN "Action"

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Totally unrelated, but how do you manage such a big and ambitious project with Slade? It must be a pain in the ass when it comes to updating your IWAD everytime.

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Voros said:

Totally unrelated, but how do you manage such a big and ambitious project with Slade? It must be a pain in the ass when it comes to updating your IWAD everytime.

It's a PK3 with organized folder structuring. I've been using GIMP over Grafx2 for detailed graphics (might become a pain in the ass doing rotated sprites in it), and I edited sounds using Audacity from sites like freesound and SoundBible. Musics are all my own from Anvil Studio; textures and flats are mostly from free websites, and some flats are from CC4-TEX (might want to modify them so I can use them) and textures rendered on Blender; and I do all the DECORATE which is nice to work with (it's fun to solve DECORATE puzzles until they are just an unsolvable headache!).

As for the PK3 itself, this.

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Your first sentence answered my question. Well, be careful about the licensing of all those free assets.

I'll check it this MIDI pack soon.

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Thank you! I will be very careful with those licenses, of course. I won't touch stuff people don't want me to use :P

P.S. don't mind those Mushmath songs, I will replace them in future versions. :PP

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I should be asleep right now but what the heck, let's give these a gander.

All 42 of them.

Yeah I'm doing all of them even though some are old/replaced/may get replaced - I dunno, might as well.

D_INTRO - "Main Theme Song": Bombastic opening if ever there was one. Starts out sounding pretty together, all the notes gel well together while still creating a chaotic, clustered feel to the song. Pretty good, although the drums are a bit loud and repetitive, and it gets a bit atonal towards the end.
D_INTER - "Advance": This one's interesting melodically, lots going on but it's not an invasive clustering of notes. Percussion is a little bit too hyperactive for my liking. The ending is, uh, somewhat interesting. Was that rhythm mix-up deliberate?
SM_ACID - "Acid is Raining": Feels like it should be a buildup to something that doesn't quite come. I like the latter section though with the unique flourishes. Few too many instances of that one power chord. This has potential, it could just be longer and have more varied instrumentation, pretty sure FX Rain is the only one you used here aside from drums.
SM_BASE - "Hurry to the Base!": Very similar to the above, except it's Harp. Not keen on the repetitive Brass Section melodies, until the middle half where it's used more like how it I reckon it ought to be. Most of the melodies are together, but there's a bit too much going on by the end of the song, though not many interesting ideas on show.
SM_BKFTY - "Black Fantasy": I actually kinda like this one a lot. The guitar wouldn't have been my choice of instrument, but it serves its purpose somewhat. The chords set up by the New Age synth are daring, and the harmonic content is actually pretty rich for how little is going on in the song overall.
SM_BOSS: (Doesn't have a title?) Pretty simplistic bassline but it works pretty nicely. The drums being off-kilter seems to be a staple of your work now, but here it kinda works well. The track kinda falls apart for a bit at the point the drums drop out, but by the end manages to stitch itself back together. This is another one that needs to be longer, which might solve its pacing issues. Not bad though.
SM_BZWZ - "Blitzwaltz": Great name. I like the intro bars, and the strings have daring dissonant harmonic content which actually works very well in the track's favor overall. Very cool timpani usage at the beginning and middle of the track specifically, though the rest of the percussion feels "meh". I like the stabby section with the strings playing two notes - it's not atonal, but it feels unsettling all the same. Good work.
SM_CREP1 - "Creeping Delusions": Dissonant and unsettling despite being built on a major chord. I'm in two minds about the guitar though. Thanks for the lack of percussion in this, it would've spoilt the track.
SM_DRKDP - "Dark Depths": The intro sounds pretty cool for the first few bars and then the track just sorta skips around doing its own thing for the rest of its duration. I struggle to imagine a map this would fit in. Schizophrenic.
SM_ELEMT - "Badly Elemental" Catchy bassline. It and the saw lead remind me of ROTT's "Oww!" track. Real damn shame it's only 36 seconds long, this is your most coherent and enjoyable one so far, I think.
SM_EPIC - "Fantasy that Doesn't Ends": End.* :P Not much going on in this until the drums kick in, and, bleh, they're the same overactive drums I hear in pretty much all of these. The latter portion of this track starts off interesting, but doesn't stay together. One thing to bear in mind is that the very long intro and sustained outro chord don't really work too well when the song's overall length is just over a minute.
SM_ESCPE - "Lands of Turmoil": I like what the guitar is doing here a lot, but I think the track is let down somewhat by the percussion again - though it's not egregious or disappointing like it was for the previous track. Also I just noticed you really need to put some bass in your songs. Bass guitar would be really appreciated in this one. Solid track for the most part, again just would benefit from being longer and a bit more varied.
SM_FISHY - "Fishy Situation!": Sounds like you tried to make a pirate song, heh. It's alright for the first half, but then devolves into crazy wailing metal and yet more bombastic percussion. So uh, not sure about this one.
SM_FNENC - "Final Encounter": Solid chord progression at the start of this one, I like it a lot, and it continues nicely for the most part. I'd tighten up that percussion though - it's better in the second half than the first. The wind instrument that kicks in after the halfway mark kinda ruins it for me. And then it gets crazy high at the end with the strings underneath it which isn't really necessary, and might even hurt ears. Man this one could be your best yet if it weren't for that flute refrain.
SM_FROCK - "Forest Rock Out": Gustavo does "Smoke On The Water". Not much to say about this one apart from the drums and secondary guitar which could use some sprucing up. They're alright, but the guitar being a carefully constructed series of chords that work with the main guitar's melody, instead of sounding like multiple melodic lines kind of clashing together, would work far better here.
SM_HAPPY - "Happy Lands": Doesn't start out promising and uh... yeah. Deteriorates. Not fond of this one.
SM_MDEST - "Mycodestiny": That guitar melody is actually great. Too bad the brass drowns it out and the track loses its edge almost immediately. I'm starting to think the Main Theme you composed for this suggests that the oversaturation of notes is the recurring motif of this soundtrack rather than any specific melody. This one could be great if you worked that first melody into something that really helped it shine on center stage.
SM_MERCY - "When it Depends on Mercy": This track would work much better as a creepy moody track without any drums or guitar, so basically I'm saying gut the entire second half of it out. It doesn't convey anything, it's just needless notes.
SM_NEMES - "Nemesis Fulfilled": Melody here is somewhat interesting, but I think you'd need to stretch this out more and pace the content, since again it just feels like notes. Also try and decide on the exact kind of mood you want to set overall with the instruments and melodies, and make that a habit for all your compositions. Nice tom roll at the end, genuinely - that's what your percussion should be: simple and straightforward.
SM_OPOBL - "Operation Oblivion": You're definitely getting good at picking out names for your tracks. Too bad the track sucks. I'm sorry, it does. Moving on.
SM_OTWLD - "Otherworldness": You like that hi-hat don't you - intro doesn't need it, just the military snares, they'd carry the intro fine. This track feels oddly subdued compared to all the others. Genuinely atmospheric and mysterious, and paced quite well, too. Beyond the clavinet solo though, I think it gets a bit overambitious, you don't need that, or the thrumming kick drums. Good work on the strings though, they sound cool pretty much all throughout this track.
SM_RAID - "The Raid": I've mentioned percussion numerous times now, but please do avoid mixing the two snare sounds, it's tacky. Nothing much going on in this track that I can really latch onto and definitively say works. It definitely gets obnoxious real quick. Good Christ that timpani.
SM_RKBD - "Rock 'n' Boulders": Not bad for a while once the sawtooth lead comes in, but the guitar chords kinda get messed up in places, which sounds accidental. This has smatterings of very interesting melodic setups, but either you need to fix the pacing or separate them out into their own tracks. I would omit the stabby chord sections, they don't really do the track any justice.
SM_RUNER - "Newrunner": This one sounds like a Mark Klem imitator with the brass solo. Some interesting rhythms at play on the synths but that's about all I can say for this one. It does get too big for its boots at the end, though.
SM_SNEAK - "Sneaking to Kill": This one starts out fine but has numerous problems. Again you need to go easy on the drums. The sustained flute is awful, get rid of it. And probably that short brass bit as well. The intro works well, though, it's that kind of thing you should expand upon for a "stealthy" type of track.
SM_STORY - "Long Story Short": Pretty intro, the slow buildup works well here. I quite like what the square lead is doing too even though it comes out of left field - this one has character. I kinda lose interest by the end of the track though.
SM_STSTN - "Satellite Saturn": Sounds a bit Descent-y. Fine use of the phrygian scale. You've got some cool stuff happening in this one, and it's even paced quite nicely, although by the end of it, it's only just holding together because you suddenly introduce a buildup of stabby elements in, which nearly ruins it for me.
SM_TEXT - "Type the Demonic Text": This one really doesn't work. It merely consists of two guitars that refuse to work with each other, and a choir that stays on the same note for the whole song. And the song is only 32 seconds. Pass.
SM_TEXT2 - "Old Theme": Starts out interesting enough. The piano is a fine choice. Sounds good - until we get taken back to Poundingdrums, Guitarville for the umpteenth time. Please stop doing this in your tracks. :(
SM_TRFIR - "Trees on Fire": This one would be great, if its percussion didn't let it down in the extreme. The last bit is definitely the most coherent, but I'd love to hear this track in its entirety work.
SM_TVICT - "Base Cape": I think I'm tempted to call this the prime example of how you should avoid writing your tracks from now on. The melodies are bland and forgettable, the "bassline" is extremely repetitive, and the whole thing just doesn't hold my interest. The outro is simply too many notes being thrown around, in what I think I'll call a "Gustavo Breakdown". "Fishy Situation!" and "Old Theme" suffered from this, too. The previous mood and themes are thrown out the window in favor of badly executed and frankly soulless soloing. Something to avoid.
SM_VCTRY - "Nevermore Chickenstein": Interesting title. Sounds like this is trying to be a big fanfare at the start, but Brass Section alone doesn't cut it. This one falls apart into obnoxiousness quickly, and doesn't get back on track. Next, please.
SM_WATER - "Splashproof Now!": Another interesting title. The bassline that starts out the track is great but the brass and guitar are awful. Everything beyond that one melody in this track is dissonant and annoying. Next.
SM_WGUCK - "Random weird song.": I agree.
U_INTER - "Between the Missions": This entire track is a Gustavo Breakdown. Not interested in hearing any more of these to be frank.
U_INTER2 - "Progress Done": This one needs to be slower, quieter, and really just... not this. The timpani is the worst part of it, but every instrument is irritating in its own way. This one would need quite a bit of work and rethinking to become passable.

SM_MACTN - "Action": Ow my ears. Forever.
SM_MDETH - "Loss Event": Conversely this one is just kinda bland. The strings start out sounding nice but then you realise they aren't really following any kind of pattern. This could be good with better instruments, and oh yeah, the percussion should be much more varied here.
SM_MIFCT - "Infection Event": More bad instrument choices here. The super high string is probably the worst, closely followed by the French horn. I'd give this track another go.
SM_MLOW - "Low": More MIDIs need to have clock sounds in them. Not much to say on this one apart from it seems to do its job of staying low.
SM_MSSPS - "Suspense": Starts off sounding like a Heretic track. I don't think the square/saw leads have a place here, to be honest. Again the percussion lets it down (first time I've heard the techno kit, but no, it's not done particularly well), and the melodies for the most part seem to be clashing with one another. Part of me actually wants this track to work very much, but it'd be a lot of work to salvage, most likely.
SM_MTNSE - "Tense": Yeah I am at this point.


Here's what I can say having heard all of these and two of your previous MIDI packs: you're improving. However it's frustrating to hear so many tracks that have genuinely good ideas in them that you don't hold onto or build on. Dial back the percussion, and don't feel a need to include a distortion/overdriven guitar in an otherwise slow and moody track.

I encountered a lot of really terrible tracks at the end of this listenthrough so I'm not sure what that's down to as I went in alphabetical order. The "Mushmatch" tracks are probably some of the worst offenders. However I don't think they're totally unpromising, you're getting a handle on building moods with chords, and the slower, gentler stuff of yours is much better than when you try and cram lots of instruments and different melodies together.

Also, learn how to add good (or any) bass to a track - it's in almost none of these. You should also see if your MIDI program enables you to change the tempo, because I think all these songs are at exactly the same tempo.

Keep it up.

Favorite tracks: "Black Fantasy", "Badly Elemental", "Final Encounter", "Otherworldness". "Satellite Saturn".

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I mostly agree with Jimmy's comments. Some tracks do have nice melodies and chords, but there are also a lot of masses of clashing notes and overwhelming drums.

Also, there seems to be an issue with the file tempos... For example, SM_BASE is 100 BPM when played in Cakewalk Pro Audio, but sounds like 120 BPM when played with Windows Media Player.

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Thanks for your comments, Jimmy. Most good songs were made after the Sentient Mushes II OST "Technuances", an anticiption on what would an Unreal Engine 1 game in the series sound like. (Now we all know it's instead going to be a 2D action adventure semi-platformer game with deep story and songs instead. :P)

TheUltimateDoomer666 said:

There seems to be an issue with the file tempos... For example, SM_BASE is 100 BPM when played in Cakewalk Pro Audio, but sounds like 120 BPM when played with Windows Media Player.

Does it counts that I made the songs in Anvil Studio?

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