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Attention: My English is so bad. Reply without slang, please.

Happy New Year, guys. Second demo version of my first WAD named EGREGOR is available for download now. I need your opinions and crits. There are three levels (MAP01: Arrival, MAP02: Working Areas and MAP03: The Dorm).

- BOOM-compatibility instead of vanilla doom.
- New TITLEPIC, M_DOOM logo is empty.
- New music.
- Redesign, improving and expanding of many places.
- New secrets.
- New sprites:
- Zombimen now with the pistol (thanks to user of the ZDoom forums BlueFireZ88 for sprites)
- Zombimen start dropping the pistol, instead of clip (sprite is ripped from GZDoom)
- Fire flame with increased frame rates, instead of classic burning barrels.
- Dead chaingunners, gibbed chaingunner and gibbed zombieman.
- Arahnotron now fires plasma as a player

- Rapidity of fire of chaingun is increased and a half times as befits a real chaingun
- Rapidity of fire of chaingunner increased similarly chaingun of player, but chaingunner now has the 50 Health points, instead of 70. Even the sound changed to a pistol, but this change will work on ZDoom-based source ports only.
- Zombiemen become more aggressive (namely shoot continuously until the player will disappear from sight). Special thanks to Serious_MOod.
- Strengthened arachnotron (shoot at twice the frequency, reduced painchance, but he has 450 Health points, instead of 500)
- Reduced painchance of some other monsters because of strengthening of chaingun.

Tested with Doom Retro v2.3.5 and v2.3.7
Engine: All boom compatible and limit removing ports

Not recommended to play with mods.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ksz9j764c1ndysw/egregor_demo2b.zip

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Yeah, looks nice, I will leave a post here so I can track this thread and play the finished version :D

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Demos for all maps

It was OK but maybe a bit bland. I guess my main problem is that you're using way too many gray\white textures. As a result, the whole thing looks almost depressing in my opinion. The detailing\texturing is also kinda messy (by the way, maybe instead of this you could do this). It's hard to explain but I feel like at times there are too many textures\details visible at the same time, so the rooms don't look pleasing to the eye.

But there was some cool stuff too. I found the SSG drawing on the floor brilliant, the damaging flames were a nice touch, the green area in Map02 looked good (if a bit dark), etc. You have good potential, it is clear that you're putting a lot of effort into your levels and you have some interesting ideas. But I think it would be great if you aimed for more "clean" visuals. Well, it's not an easy skill to acquire, so naturally it will take some time. Keep up the good work. :)

And damn, the new chaingunners are strong, man. I think you shouldn't use them in large groups. And don't put tons of pinkies into small rooms. These are just boring to kill.

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