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Two versions of Oww from ROTT

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Has anyone noticed that there are two wersions of Oww from ROTT circulating around? One sounds normal and the other one has an off-key part. For example, Hell Revealed Map09 has the buggy one and I am Evil 7 has the nice one. How did this all start? When I'm playing a new level and I hear the first notes, I always wonder which version I'm going to get. :D

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my assumption would be that Hell Revealed did shitty MUS conversions of the original ROTT MIDIs, which caused issues with some of the tracks, most noticably the pitch-bending being off-key. the same issue can be heard with a Duke Nukem 3D track in map 1 of Kama Sutra. it uses the track "Missing? Impossible!", and it is very fucked up, with the pitch-bending of the flute being completely absent, and the MIDI doesn't loop properly. so the issue here to blame would be that MUS is a terrible format, and people just use the Oww track from HR for convenience sake, and no one has questioned it.

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