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Doom Builder 2 Linedef Music Change

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ZDoom/Skulltag (Doom in Hexen Format)

I seriously had this literally last month but totally forgot how to actually do it.

Would rather use Doom Builder 2 to compile the script.

I know of the following in DB2:
(Choosing a linedef I want to change the music on)
Action: 80
Script: 1
Trigger: Player walks over

What do I add to the script, in DB2, to change the music?

I have a feeling that it is something like:

Script 1
*line to change music*

but what it actually is, I am stumped

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SetMusic might be an even better choice than LocalSetMusic, unless you specifically want to change music only for the player who activated the script and nobody else, because if the script was activated by somebody or something else than the player, LocalSetMusic would not change the music for the player.

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