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Unfinished WAD depository?

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I map for fun. I almost never finish them, or release them (because, uh, they're unfinished mostly). I see a lot of WIPs on Wads In Progress (duh!), and many/most? are not finished or will likely ever be finished.

So...is there a "Wads (No-Longer) In Progress" website out there? Should I make one? Am I an aberration who likes to fiddle with others maps to see if I can "make them better" (or convert a DOOM to Hexen map, or Heretic map to DOOM, or whatever)?

As a little tangent here...I have taken OBLIGE levels and done this. It actually is quite the imagination sparker! When I really don't have any ideas to do I just fire up OBLIGE (or hunt for 'crappy' maps), and use that as a base. Usually works wonders! :)

Anyone else do this?

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Yeah, that's why I just added a "(Not)" to that sites name. :) I go there all the time for inspiration, as well as the thread here for showing your doom pic's and whatnot. The problem with wadsinprogress is that only the ones that are fully Released have links. There are quite a few wads/projects over there that look amazing and fun...but were last updated years and years, some over a decade ago. Now, I'm a fairly patient man, and I can wait 10 years for a cool wad to come out, no problem. But when the last update was 10 or 11 (or more) years ago...well, I don't think it is coming out.

I just figured it would be nice to have a place where unfinished wads could go to graze, and roam around peacefully on the 'net until someone wants to take one home and finish raising it into full adultwad-hood.

On an aside, do you (or anyone) know how to get in touch with whomever actually runs wadsinprogress.info?

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Boris, that´s all we know. so take few years hollidays and go search for him in some russian social site xD xD. who knows maybe someone find him :)

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