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GzDoom display issue

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Today (all day) I've been trying to get multiplayer to function
so i could host my own map and play it over the Lan. No succes yet
but that's food for another topic, however while doing so i've managed
to screw up my display settings. I never changed anything ingame,
I tried zandronum, doomseeker, doom explorer, zdaemon to see what
would work best. All of the sudden the color depth seems changed
and the weird darkness effect that darkens a room when its further away
has appeared, and i can't look up and down as far as i used to.
I tried changing settings ingame afterwards, but i haven't
found something that fixed this. It's as if the colorpallet is back
to indexed color instead of rgb.

What am i missing?

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GZDoom includes the software renderer, and you've apparently switched to it. Type vid_renderer 1 in the console, then quit.

If you use GZDoom 2.3.1 you can choose OpenGL or software in the startup box.

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