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Doomed Mission part 2

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Felix was proud to work here. Not because of being one of the elite teleportation specialists, but because of the moon's isolation. He had been called out here about 3 years ago, when the UAC was digging around the north side of the base. They were surveying an area to build a factory when they noticed a large area had a different type of soil than the rest of the moon. An excavation was soon underway, and the results had been shocking.

The first thing they found was a large slab of some red metal, about 20 feet long, 2 feet thick, and 10 feet wide. It was solid, unstreaked, and the material was not on the periodic table of the elements. The second thing they found was a large cube, exactly 6 cubic feet ,apperantly made of marble, with strange geometric circles and pentagrams carved on the front. At the top was a carving of some sort of animal, much like a bull or lizard, grinning wildly into space. The third thing they had found were two columns, about 20 feet high and 3 feet wide. at the front, about 10 feet up, there was stone doors, sealed shut, on the columns.

The rear side of the cube had some sort of plan, showing the columns and the slab connected by some sort of star-shaped platform. It was built, and then the ...things... started to happen.
The platform was made of UAC class 1 concrete. When the building was done, the top of the concrete started to heat up. It shook and turned glowing red, as did the red slab. On top of the platform, about 6 feet up, a giant star made of some green, liquid material was forming. Without knowing it, we had started the machine up.

Felix was in charge of watching the prisoners go through the teleporter. About a month after the first one was discovered, a teleporter was discovered on Deimos. A facility was set up there to work on creating a much smallerversion for short-distance use.

New prisoners had just arrived from the computer station. 4 of them. They were all awake, except for one who had hit his head. Some were in straightjackets, others had gags. Felix led them down the stairs, past the small nuclear power generator, surrounded by barrels of heavy water. Down another flight of stairs, through a door to the security backup posts, down a long hall, and up a lift to the platform. they had set up a ladder as a kind of makeshift bridge across from the north point of the star to the cinderblock frame around the cube. Felix instructed the lowlifes to cross the ladder and jump on top of the platform.

This would be one of the most diffucult tests yet. The other moon was on the far side of mars, so the prisoners would be teleported through Mars itself! The first prisoner jumped eagerly on top and dissapeared in a green flash. The green roof of the teleporter array above Felix flashed from points to centre. Next, the prisoner with a gag lept on top, quickly followed by the last one. "goddamn" you swore. This would probably mean a telefrag would occcur. disgusting. Time to go wake up the last prisoner and head back to Command Control.

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