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Sentient Mushes - Kill every Branx! And your DM opponents!

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There once were only 2 guns and a player skin.

What has happened to those?

They went forth and MULTIPLIED; now some textures, flats and guns and every kind of asset (even maps!) all alike thrive, with their only goal as a family to some day produce an IWAD.

Presenting now, the pre-alpha stage of

An unfinished cup of emotions, blood, gore, and all alike, comical fun!

And when it finishes, I'm sure it'll have even more to it than just "run and shoot every Branx and moving stuff"! So why not have a taste of it with screenshots?


MAP02 isn't shown for it's shit.

Download the latest version!

Why did I repost Sentient Mushes? Because people though it was dead and stuff, but it was just being constantly updated, and I couldn't live with the fact this game is, for most people, just a failed attempt.

I will also accept any map submissions by the community for any slot (I'm not a great mapper you know :P). Just make sure that, if you are doing a submission for the Single-player campaign, you read the MAPINFO's correspondent definition so you know the map's theme and you can design it correctly.

And keep in mind this is not a community project, this is an indie game open for community contributions. I'd be very thankful though C:



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This isn't really my cup of tea, but this is undeniably cute.

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I am sorry for the wide blunt bump, but my garnished and accurate wisdom has told me this is a needed sacrifice.


v22a is coming!


I am back to work in Sentient Mushes, and, just for the surprise factor, I won't announce when exactly v22a will come out. Especially now, since in July 19th my 10-day winter break begin.


So, I will continue this project, where I bite more than I can chew. That reminds me, does anyone want to help? Since, with more mouths to chew, the gum becomes less of an issue! I have made some nice progress with this, I believe, and I want to share the joy of playing God with SLADE 3. Even small contributions, like sounds, textures, or even code, will make me, and you, happier again! :)


this topic is a disaster... :(

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