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[WIP] 'Faith'

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So I've been working on a couple of Doom projects lately (again) and one of the projects that's been bouncing around between my ears is based on a dream that's woken me up a few times. . . .so the idea is a techbase perverted into a demonic temple that's built into a gargantuan living creature of some sort. I can't get anywhere near what I envisioned in my mind, but I think I can warp this into a good game map, hence this thread.

I've only really been working on a few rooms so far, but I have enough to show that I think it might be okay to show and get critiqued on style and such.

I set a few challenges for myself: No new textures or content, minimal scripting (because for some reason script compiling makes Slade crash on linux mint. ugh T_T). I'll be focusing on learning lighting, too and working with dynamic light things.

Port is GZDOOM



Corridor to Tech area from central hub. Hub will loop back in on itself.

Warehouse area in techbase

Outside shots:

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Screenies, especially the first, look really nice! The second looks a bit bland in comparison to the others, but only because the others all look great. I like the lights and colors you've used here, though general lighting does look a touch uniform throughout. Nice use of slopes :)

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