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Weapon Damage Values & Other Mechanics

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So apparently, this is the only source on the web which has these values.


There is a second page, before anyone says that it is incomplete. Also, Shotgun and Super Shotgun values are for each pellet, except the Explosive shot of course. Not stated in there are the facts that the Shotgun has 10 pellets, and the Super Shotgun has 16 pellets. Unfortunately, there are still some questions which this article does not shed light on, so I will state some things I know, and ask about those which I do not.

1. None of the splash damage types can crit. This is best proven by sticking a Micro Missile on an Imp's head in a difficulty lower than Nightmare. Full power Shotgun blast is 260, which is more than enough to OHK an Imp. Micro Missile splash is enough to stagger an Imp at only 100 damage, so if the splash could crit, it would OHK an Imp, but it does not.

2. I do not know what is the crit damage multiplier. Do all guns have the same multiplier, or different ones? And how much does Skull Cracker increase the HAR's crit damage? A single Devastator headshot is enough to kill Imps and Soldiers and stagger a Razer, but two Devastator body shots to an Imp is only enough to stagger. Also, I know that the Explosive Shot's direct hit can crit, because it is possible to OHK a soldier with a non-clustered Explosive shot, if the direct hit is on its head.

3. Siege Mode's Outer Beam. Does it trigger for each enemy it passes through? If yes, then can two or three enemies who are close to each other, take 2-3x Outer Beam damage from a single shot?

4. Chaingun. Obviously, the turret mode is the superior mod, but is that value for each bullet, or does the turret multiply each bullet (maybe by 3) like the shotguns do? Honestly, I find it very hard to tell due to the fire rate of the turret.

5. Equipments with and without Equipment Power 2 Rune. Frag Grenade base damage and radius unknown. I know that the rune increases the damage and the radius, but do not know by how much. Hologram, do not know the duration, but do know that the unboosted Hologram can be "killed" quickly. With rune, duration is longer but I don't know by how much, Hologram seems to be immune to enemy damage, but can be "killed" with player damage. Finally, the boosted Hologram can keep certain enemies focused on it even if player shoots said enemies, and it can make Imps and Soldiers glitch and "blind" them resulting in them standing in one spot indefinitely until shot or killed. Enemies that always have a low chance of being fooled by the boosted Hologram include: Hell Knights and Pinkies, and Lost Souls will NEVER be fooled by a Hologram. Siphon Grenade seems to leech 20-21 health per charge, and with rune, it absorbs this amount for armor as well.

6. BFG. Obviously, a direct hit will insta-kill. But, the streams appear to be DPS(damage-per-second). If a tougher enemy like a Baron or Mancubus gets threaded at the end of the shot's path, and if said demon is not near the BFG's AOE, then there is a good chance said demons will survive. Would like to know what the BFG streams' DPS is.

That's all I can think of.

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