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Important map question

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Okay, first off, I've updated E1M4, with the entire area up to the first key finished, minus monsters and such. I would like any sort of comments related to it, just to make sure I'm on the right track here. My question is this: Is it okay to use registered version textures in Episode 1? Of course, this really won't matter for the full release, but both E1M3 and my map contain textures from the registered version, most noticably crate textures. Actually, mine contains SHAWN1, as well. I'm not too keen on removing the crates, because I feel adds to the appearance of my level, but if there's a problem, I'll be happy to work out something else.

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My level contains a few registered textures too, I don't think its a problem. That means the TEXTURE1/PNAMES lump in the freedoom doom1.wad would be different to the shareware doom1.wad one. The only time this would be important is if a PWAD had its own TEXTURE1/PNAMES derived from the original; which might mean the freedoom levels would not be playable with this PWAD loaded. Sounds minor, and indeed it is- most ports won't let you run PWADS with a shareware IWAD anyway ;) I need to cut out some non-shareware sprites though, which afaik can't be included.

..just had a wonder around your level w/ glboom, looks great so far!

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I can add in any extra textures you want (there are some extras in there already) but it would be better if the number of them was kept to a minimum. We dont really want to bloat the wad file size up too much with extra textures.

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