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Wads with insane color schemes, and mostly vanilla?

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There was very little I disliked about Realms of Zoon so far. The new BFG type scepter was a little odd, and the over use of Lost Souls got on my nerves a bit as it soaked up most of my bullets, but the amazingly odd color scheme, the few new monsters, and the map design really made this one of the best wads I've ever played. I only wish it had a lot more maps already!

What other wads come to mind that use wild color schemes, high contrast, minimal new weapons/new enemies, but mostly stay true to the vanilla experience. I don't want something super reliant on 3d floors or anything like that, but I'm fine if they are included. Number of maps is not important, I just ask that they aren't too slaughtery or grindy, I'm just looking for something "different but vanilla" to casually play while I'm taking a break from mapping.

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Ancient Aliens.

Stardate 20x6, 20x7 and Swim with The Whales are HARD but have amazing color schemes too. Seriously, don't feel bad for playing those on HMP or HNTR.

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Have you played Ancient Aliens? It's mostly vanilla in terms of gameplay, with two custom enemies. [EDIT: ninja'd!!]

Also, I made a small mapset called Violence that might be worth checking out :) (I don't like doing this sort of self-promotion but the opportunity seemed too perfect to pass up, plus I already mentioned AA which I made a map for so whatever)

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like anything ribbiks and friends detail
also no sunlust mention yet wow

i may or may not be working on a project that may or may not exist that has to do with the deathmatch gamemode (or lifematch) involving colors

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