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Traitor: Nightmare Halls

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Hello! I made a map called "Traitor: Nightmare Halls". Should be around 20 minutes, with checkpoints, a story, and some challenging fights.

It's my first map, so any feedback is appreciated. I'd love to make a longer campaign based on this.

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I played this last night and I thought it was really good. First of all, the story was actually one of the cooler, more badass stories I've come across in SnapMap. As for the level design, it seemed to be more on the linear side, but it worked because the pacing was well done. It was fast-paced and stayed interesting instead of just being repetitive.

All in all, your map is basically DOOM '16 condensed down to one fast-paced map. Really solid stuff.

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Pretty much what ChickenOrBeef said. I liked how fast paced it was and the brief storyline. The fights themselves had a moderate number of enemies and never lasted too long, the latter being a problem a lot of Snapmap levels have.

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