Eureka 1.21 Released

I seem to have found a couple of bugs while making my map :/ First off values of 0 are automatically deleted for unknown action type arguments which has caught me out several times lately when I am trying to use a feature which eureka itself doesn't technically support like dynamic lights for example. And I found a node/sector builder bug which causes a crash, basically I am building a sloped cave leading to an underground geothermal plant right, and I found that the curved slope I was trying to create was too steep and so has a jagged drop off on the inside of the corner so i tried to remedy this by making a triangle sector there with a less aggressive slope to ease the transition, well when I went to draw it I got an error that said "bug detected: tried to create 0 length line" followed immediately by a crash, luckily I had saved about a minute beforehand... I had the grid size at 32 btw, trying to draw it again after putting the grid to something smaller like 8 worked fine so it might be something with that


Edit: oh, and the secret area tag is mislabeled when using hexen format, it is labeled as 9 when it is actually 1024. This needs to be fixed too

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