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2WooD: A Doom Homage (New Version: 1.1)

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2WooD: A Doom Homage

Here we have a WAD i've been working on the last couple weeks. The Maps are based on the old Doom2 Maps and I created these as a Homage to Doom. My goal was to keep the Gameplay as close as possible to the original with some modern twists included.

- 4 Maps fully playable and tested by me and some friends
- Difficulty Settings are implemented
- Original Doom2 Gameplay
- Secrets (Some of them are only obtainable in UV or Higher)
- Slow progress, the Maps are getting harder with MAP04 beeing the hardest
- Big Indoor and Outdoor Maps
- Balanced Fights and enough room to maneuver
- It's a Challenge to get everything to 100%
- A Wolfenstein Map (Slaughtermap)
- Playtime estimated: 1 Hour or more for new players
- This is not a "Release a WAD with as many Monsters as possible WAD"
- Some "non-linear" Gameplay (No HUB or Citymap)

What you may need:
- A working DOOM2.wad
- Source Port: GZDoom, ZDoom, Zandronum or their derivates (ACS Scripts in MAP04 and UDM - Format)
- 7Zip or WinRAR (The Version you never bought)
- The will to play my Maps without Jumping and Crouching (Brutal Doom is OK)
- A functioning Brain for my brainmelting "Riddles" (There are no real Hurdles)
- Some sort of Skill (But you can play on EASY if you need to)

What I want to say:
- I hope you will like it and i would appreciate feedback.
- Furthermore I want to say hello to the Doomworld Community as this is my first post.
- I hope the Zip File works. If not tell me and i will fix the Link.
- Happy Bugfinding and Fragging
- I don't know how to post fancy Screenshots. Sorry for that.


Version History:


Version 1.0:

- Release of the first 4 Maps

- Added some Screenshots


Version 1.1:

- Added some Atmosphere to Map01 and Map02

- Added a new Secret to Map02

- Added some new Screenshots for Map01 and Map02


Planned Features:

- Add new Screenshots (partially done)

- Add some Lighting to my Maps (partially done)

- Add new Maps (Map05 is in the making)

- Custom Menu Screen
















Version 1.1:

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ngj5b07z3vic353/2WooD 1.1.7z


Older Versions:




Edited by nerdwbeard

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Thanks for your feedback. I'm planning on updating upon it. But i don't want to rush and keep it slow. Quality is my priority.

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nerdwbeard said:

- I don't know how to post fancy Screenshots. Sorry for that.

This. Tell me a good hoster or how i could upload/post screenshots and I will do it.

Edit: Nevermind post can be deleted.

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Here's some feedback of mine :) I did nearly blind run on UV.



- Not enough ammo - don't worry, that's my usual comment. But it's just me - when I play Doom I like to destroy, not to sneak :)

- Useless door in the SS-secret room?

- Hazardous start with Chaingunner in-your-face



- Well... Not enough ammo. Drop some more boxes, health, armor... I felt like I have to cherrypick the enemies. Maybe I choose incorrect route or smth, but tickling Barons with CG is not my pair of shoes :)

- There is a Red-Skull texture on the door, but Red-KeyCard is placed on the level (aesthetical issue)

- Ammo-starvation

- Multitude of hitscanners + scarse medikits...

- Ammo-starvation ;-)


I died in the second map after a few trials and I gave up since I lost my initial joy caused by the overall good look-and-feel of the maps :) Maybe I should start on the lower difficulty, but eeek :)


Here are videos for you:




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