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Which editors allow easily changing linedef numbers?

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I'm tired of cutting linedefs out of sectors to make sure that texture changing will work correctly. Seems like it would be easier to just use another editor for that. Which one?

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Make a backup first. Important!

Then use SLADE 3. Do not use the map editor! Go to the LINEDEFS lump. You'll get a table.

Copy the values of the line (let's call it A) you want to move to an earlier slot (like, on a paper: the copy row/paste row/cut row buttons don't work reliably, or at all, so I don't recommend trying to use them at the moment). Copy the values of the line you want to take the place of (let's call it B). Write in B the values of line A. Write in A the values of line B. Hit the save icon on the tab. Save the wad, and check that nothing has been broken.

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