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Any hope in getting a map back from GZDoom Builder crash?

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I found the thread about looking in the temp directory, and that does in fact have a backup of my map but it's for some reason from like 4 PM EST, meaning it's further back than my last actual save. No idea how that's possible. There are a ton of .SNAPSHOT files from just minutes before the crash, although I hear those are useless. I lost around 2 hours of progress, with some pretty intricate geometry being lost. Really has me upset so I'm just being hopeful that theres a way to salvage it, although it's probably unlikely.


Here's a couple screenshots (none of this was affected thank god) if anyone wants to give me some kind words to keep working on it.

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Check all other folders in the temp directory, and also the .backup1, .backup2 and .backup3 files in the folder where you have saved your real wad. If none of them contains the latest version of your wad, I'm afraid there's nothing that could be done. Well, maybe using some data recovery tool, though it's less likely to work if any files on your drive have been modified since the data had been lost. If you're going to install a data recovery tool after your data were lost, you should install it onto a different drive than where the lost data had been.

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I've recovered wads before by going to Local/Temp, opening up the most recent folder that is a junky string of letters, and renaming the .tmp file inside to .wad. When you open this wad in GZDB, go to map options and rename "TEMPMAP" to "MAP01" or whatever. The date modified will give you an idea of how recent it is. It should work perfectly if you haven't opened the wad since the crash, but might have been overwritten unfortunately otherwise (try anyway though).

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