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GZDoom 2.3.2 and higher FOV won't stay

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I am using a 25" ultrawide and playing at 1920x1080 but each time I die or firing up the port it resets to 90. It's kinda tiresome to type in "FOV 110" each time I am in-game and autoexec.cfg doesn't seem to be parsed even tho the wide FOV command above isn't doing anything as the game loads. Sorta works but starting new game it goes back to 90 yet again.

Can we have an FOV slider in GZDoom, please? It is 2017 and it's a common feature in most PC games these days.

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The FOV is already widened automatically on widescreen displays - to be more precise, it uses the same vertical FOV as on a 4x3 display of the same height -. so with FOV 110 you are actually setting a real FOV of approx 135.

About configurability, maybe, but later. Right now I am busy with the scripting stuff and I won't interrupt that to work on other things I first need to investigate.

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Hey there, no problem. I know there are bigger issues but you can put this on the lower end on the issues/features list.

Also I don't play at my native 2560x1080 but at 1920x1080 for recording purposes just so you know.

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