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Help with Doom Wad(s)

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Hello Doomers!

I want some help with total conversions.

I wonder if you guys can link and or recommend me some total conversion mods for the Doom games. I want TC that totally changes basically everything, I really enjoy those very much.

Thanks in advance dudes and dudettes! :)

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People love the Doom monsters and weapons, so there aren't as many TCs as you might expect in a community this active, but check out Adventures of Square, Action Doom 2, Chex Quest 3, and Harmony (all of which are technically separate games, since they don't require Doom to run). You might also want to keep your eye on the development threads for Rekkr and CyberShade.

Also, have you ever gotten around to playing Heretic, Hexen, and Strife? They're all selling for pretty cheap these days.

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I own all the Doom games and the ones you have mentioned, I just love TC'S i honestly don't know why haha.

Yeah Rekkr i have an eye on already ;)

Thanks for the other recommendations Jabba!

Any other wads you can recommend? but maybe with the regular Doom monsters then ;)

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