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How to kill monsters and players who are inside one sector?

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Hi, I'm trying to make a trap, the player gets trapped inside one sector and then gets insta killed, the problem is I also want to make every monster inside that sector insta killed also but I cannot find the way.
Here is the script I use for killing the player:

Sector_SetDamage (22, 500, 1);

After the trap finishes i set the sector back to normal, without damage:

Sector_SetDamage (22, 0, 1);

There is a script or a way for killing every monster inside one sector?

Thank you!

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SectorDamage (22, 500, 15, 0, DAMAGE_PLAYERS | DAMAGE_NONPLAYERS);

This works fine, when the trap finishes I reset the damage with Sector_SetDamage (22, 0, 1) and works fine.

Thanks a lot!

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SectorDamage doesn't create a lasting sector effect, it performs damage only once at the moment when you call it, therefore you don't need to "reset" the sector afterwards.

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