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Configuring PrBoom+

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Hello. I have just downloaded and installed PrBoom+, which I've heard from numerous sources is clearly the most superior port, inasmuch as ZDoom has now been abandoned by its developer and GZDoom is not permitted for speedruns unless it's requisite (in the case of Pirate Doom, for example). However, I need some help configuring it.

As you can see by the photograph attached hereinabove, the imps are very smooth. Some people may find this attractive, but I find it unappealing and would like to know how to change it to make them look more pixelated. Also, is there a way to turn on always run? I know that CAPSLOCK is by default the button to toggle run on/off, but sometimes when I'm performing an SR50 to the left my ring finger accidentally touches the CAPSLOCK key, in which case that would be very disastrous. I suppose I could assign the function to a more lonely key such as Pause Break, but one of PrBoom's features enumerated under Game Engine is "Always Run" and I have PrBoom+, the enhanced edition of PrBoom (as indicated by the +). It would be preposterous for them to remove such a useful feature from the enhanced edition.

If there are any other excellent features PrBoom+ can offer, please let me know

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For the blurriness: Go into Options, General, and alllll the way to the right and turn sprite and texture filtering to Nearest Mipmap, and change patch filtering to none too.

For autorun: I don't know where in the menus it is, but you can edit the *.cfg file and set autorun to 1.

Welcome to the special hell that is the prboom menu system :p

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