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Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

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@StormCatcher.77 Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. I am glad you had a good time with the map. The zombiemen ontop the computer terminals were intentionally stuck there as a sort of trap (where you accidently soot the barrels, or they shoot the barrels). I didn't want them running off somewhere, however that may be a poor/cheap design choice on my end :p

Edited by TreeSquid

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13 hours ago, StormCatcher.77 said:

The Kerberos Complex 1 hour 5 min


Thanks for the FDA, StormCatcher. I always appreciate FDA feedback.


As I mentioned from the reply to Benjogami's FDA, some elements will be edited in the next version. This includes adjusting secret switches and a couple of tagged linedefs, changing background music, and fixing some encounters, mostly the parts that the player could cheese the fight. It's interesting to see that both FDAs triggered those arch-viles from the courtyard of yellow key area in the way that I wasn't expected. Not to mention that I should edit the placement of soulsphere in the yellow skull area, since it would be frustrated to see the better power-up, just next to the hall.


Again, thanks for the FDA and detailed rating. :)



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Here's the updated version of my level. This one includes the following changes;


- Background music is changed.

- Small changes in several encounters, mostly for skull-key arenas.

- Some secrets are adjusted to make them easier to find.

- Fixed the major bug of one monster teleportation trap.

- Fixed an unclosed sector issue in one room.

- Fixed some inappropriate linedef settings.

- Added special teleporters as a shortcut for co-op play.


Click here to download

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Just remember for interested mappers without published a map: today is august and we have 5 month :) Try get time and finish a map!


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hello guys, just want to let you know that i propably wouldnt be able to finish my map in time. currently i have no free time and i dont know how long it take to be back at "work". srry for that and for bad english. 

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A new Doomworld Mega Project I'm very interested and for that I show the first screen of my map


Ps: I know I'm late by what the community project started but Here when it started I was not there is no criticism


In short there are the screens










The wad is still under construction so it will have to wait for what days



Edited by complexDoomer

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New screen of my wad




The midi music of my wad Be that of undertale Theme of asgore (my favorites music oh yeah).

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Quick question: Are the custom textures part of the 1mb total size limit too? Or is that just for the monsters


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5 minutes ago, Yugiboy85 said:

Quick question: Are the custom textures part of the 1mb total size limit too? Or is that just for the monsters


Texture can over 1mb, but no custom ammos, monsters etc

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The map is passed without any stressful situations. The player does not even fall into any traps. Very "walking" gameplay, to the appropriate music. Many are accustomed to difficulties, but the project, however, lacks works with such easy gameplay. The map is not overloaded with details, but standard textures underlined by sector lighting are applied very well. At the first pass I did not find any secret ... Later, run this map again.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt GZDoom 2.4.0


In my collection:


Blue_3_5.png - Visuals (3 / 5)
Blue_3_5.png - Detailing (3 / 5)
Blue_2_5.png - Gameplay (2 / 5)
Blue_3_5.png - Atmosphere (3 / 5)
Orange_2_5.png - Difficulty (2 / 5)

Green_3_5.png - Overall Rating (3 / 5)


I would like to know the exact name of the map. I'll put it in the title of the thread and in my archives. As I understand it, this map is for Boom.

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So if I could see my map and no one and thanks ben This is my first map and we say what sucks and well thank you and why there is written COM by what I wanted to what my initials wholesale it is called like that complex map.

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1 hour ago, StormCatcher.77 said:

@complexDoomer For first map is very strong! There is great creative potential here, and I hope that in the future I will see new works from you. And Ok, I'm add it like "COM" in map table.


@danielhday Not late, until the last days of this year. :D


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6 hours ago, danielhday said:

Any map format is allowed.

So is UDMF an option?

I'm honestly puzzled how was this not clear. :P

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A little sneak peek at my map which is roughly 80%-85% done.


Its gonna be primarily an episode 1 theme map with only episode 1 monsters & weapons while difficulty will be between Doom episode 1 and 2. 



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