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how much 'ok' is including custom textures?

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I'm making a map, and got this architecture done:

I would like to put a 'woven wire' texture to block the player, so they can only look through and not get into the center sector. Now, vanilla grates are horrible, and completely out of place in 'techno' style wads.
So my idea is to draw a new texture and include it in my wad. Is that an 'ok' practice? how much 'new textures' is ok to include? How much of a worse mapper are you the more 'new textures' you need to include? is it a sign of being a mapping god the fact that you make great looking maps without ever using a custom texture?
I've seen fellows here in the forums say that doom maps are better when they are empty, and leave you to put in the map everything that should be there but it's not, with your imagination. I find that idea horrifying.
Nonetheless, considerable. So: Should I just make an impassable line right on the edge of that sector and have the user 'imagine' the grate/wire blocking him?
Any recommendations, ppl?

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You can use some of Enjay editions


If you add only a few new textures, make sure that they looks more "doomish".

Also better align those star* textures.

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Use custom textures if you like or want. Everybody likes wads with custom textures -- wads like Suspended in Dusk are still references for How To Do Good Mapping, and they've got custom textures.

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