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How to make basic Doom doors over/under a 3d floor?

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I made a room-over-room map and want to make underground rooms with doors and stuff as well as over-the-ground stuff.How can i make basic door in a 3d floor presence?I want a doom-style door,not a hexen polyobject ones

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I'd suggest replicating the door in a control sector without a 3D floor, and then linking them.

Let's say your sector with 3D floor has floor 0, ceiling 384, and the 3D floor occupies the space from 128 to 256. That splits it in a 0-to-128 section below and a 256-to-384 section above.

Create a dummy sector with floor 0, ceiling 128; and another with floor 256, ceiling 384.

Now for the doors below the 3D floor, you will attach them with a sector inside your 0-128 area, and the doors above the 3D floor, you will attach them with a sector inside the 256-384 area. That way, the lower door will not raise more than the ceiling at 128 permits; and the upper door will not lower below what the floor at 256 allows.

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