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Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

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Splatterhouse movie/comic designs.


Rick and Super Rick back to back. IF I did it now they'd probably be bald, but at the time I thought the dreads were a nice tribal touch.





Common Ghoul, one of my fave designs. The ghouls in the original game weren't too threatening-looking, but I think this is pretty menacing.





Top Heavy, boss demon guy





Rick knocks the stuffing outta a ghoulie.





Movie poster style thing with Rick and Jenny, in normal and monster forms. Their fight was the climax of the script.




Plus, some Then and Now Deviantart memes I did years ago, comparing my old drawings with newer efforts.


1) Sexy bunny girl. Left is very detailed but has no character. Right is cartoonier but her personality is unmistakable.




2) Egyptian Goddess Hathor: left is junior high, right is post-college.



3) The storyboards I posted earlier weren't my first attempt at a splatterhouse comic. Left is a sequence from the one i drew in junior high. Right is the same sequence reimagined in my storyboards twenty-odd years later.



Edited by Impie

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Here's another mass of muh g a h b a g e...


Some crap in relation to my Original Character, Ophelia:


I'm not sure if I put that up in this thread, but... blah.


Also, p o i n t l e s s   r e d u n d e n c y...



More Ophelia [Colour]

Jesus Christ, is that colour?! What is this madness!?

--> Greyscale version <--


Ophelia Being A Sentient Mass Of Blub...

Dem hands be [disproportionately] tiny, yo [or whatever is less cringe inducing]



Random t r a e s h

Betty Boop... or something...

Betty Boop > For You <

[Insert that kinda-catchy-arse theme tune here]


Kilroy Was Here [Colour]

"I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the..." etc, etc

--> Tasty greyscale <--


Animation 001 : Backdrop 00003 : [General Store]

Whatcha' lookin' for, stranger?


No More Pr0n, Jobel!

Someone doesn't want Jobel to get his fleenstones off...


Here's a doodle mass:

Thine Fugly Doodle Mass

T h i s   i s - okay, I'll stop... for now... "This is how you draw bewbs, sir"

Also, yes, Betty and Popeye are both here. Also, I'm not just drawing them because of Cuphead, m'kay.


Finally, here's some crude digital stuff of which relates to my industrial project: Enimapod [shameless-arse plug; forum]



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I made a drawing for a friend based on a drawing that she made. The drawing in question is a representation of her.




Here's the original one:


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based on tutorial:



Of course guinea pig, grass and phone were separated :)

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Guest Unregistered account

@Jayextee omg I love it

I wanna be pals with everyone in the picture

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well it figures my first post is in an art thread
Here's a Hell Knight I drew the other day


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I draw things in coffee shops. Not usually DOOM things, but today was an exception. <3 

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WIP Doom Imp and Nightmare Imp model.




Edited by DepravedDiptera : Updating HORSE SHEIT

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Concept art of Isekai Doom doujin project ~ :V
Nothing special, just a quick doodle



Me when i grab the last skull key in Episode 4 Map 1.... AND RUN FOR IT!!!




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Birthday Cake


Columbia, the female personification of the United States (as opposed to Uncle Sam) enjoys some birthday cake on Independence Day!
from 2014

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