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Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

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Im still amused I can draw stuff in MsPaint with only a mouse being I draw something every once a blue moon. 


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Experimenting with alcohol based markers for the first time. Looking pretty bad so far, not very used to working with a medium that don't allow mistakes. But from left to right, there is some progress at least. And I should get my ass over to some live drawing sessions and beat out some of this rust I am experiencing drawing bodies.

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Figures. I wish I was better at doing those too.


Anyhow, I picked up a sketch book called 500 drawing prompts for $9.99 (Canadian) and I'm trying to get some stuff done it that. Every page has a 1 to 3 panels with words of what you're supposed to drawn in the thing. Some of the prompts are boring... don't want to draw socks or plaid. Who the hell came up with Plaid as a drawing prompt.. heh. I did draw some various stuff in it and scanned these two.




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trying to remember how to get to the secret levels




Obviously not a sketch so I can remove it if need be. Figured posting this here would be better than making a dedicated thread for it

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This guy was made for one of my pals, he wanted tattoo with apple and somewhat badass that may be associated with god of death in his mind. Who knew I will be so close to his idea...

This fella is awesome and I plan to make him some badass boss in one of my projects, some day

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Haven't been doing much art stuff lately. Been trying to focus more on code and getting my security+ certification. I did try my hand at painting a little while ago. Always wanted to try some Bob Ross type paintings but add some of my own style.



This was my first. One of the local gamer bars was doing a Bob Ross night and was supplying paints and canvases.




And this was my second. I got the idea while watching an episode of Joy of Painting where Bob did a black and white forest scene. I was up until 2 in the morning working on this.


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