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Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

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I don't want to risk turning this thread into my own personal gallery, so I won't post anything else in here until it gets some more love from other members.

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The main bosses in an oldschool fps I'm trying to create


And If you're wondering no, Belphagor name's doesn't have a typo, he's  supposed to be called Bephagor

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A few things from the olde archive....


A Bat Demon coming out of a crypt.


Some sci-fi landscape thing.


An alien ship with a weird nebula.


The sword against the stone.


Crashed spaceship.



Space Prong. Just a perm ink marker drawing. Inspired from somewhere inside a Heavy Metal magazine.



Storm trooper drawing from an action figure...









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On 7/20/2020 at 2:37 PM, Artman2004 said:

Is 3D art allowed here?


I don't see why not. I posted some 3D stuff here a while back.

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I've recently came back to drawing, I drew Jack Frost from SMT as part of an exercise.


I'm studying to be better at it for a few days now, haven't done drawing for a few years.


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Decided to put my current skills to the test so here's the result:



The original:



Found this on Pinterest.

It has some issues that I should fix (hands, face, clothes, hair. don't know how to deal with these for now) but otherwise it's not bad. Needs some work but I'd say it's a neat attempt for someone who's been studying drawing for a few weeks now (2 weeks to be exact).

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I drew this rock guy a few days ago:


I found it from some PDF I had that's called "The Art of Endless Legend", don't remember when I got it but the art looks cool:



Also more 30-second gesture drawings, this time with shapes:


Sorry for the shadows. This was way harder compared to drawing stickmen of them, I was always running out of time when I'm done with them.







I used this website for this, found it today: http://reference.sketchdaily.net/en

Pretty helpful website if you want to do figure or gesture drawing.


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