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Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

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Hello, I'm still a mass of blood, flesh, bone and, other materials, and here's some more crap:


Doom articles:




Non-Doom mass of blub:



By the way, that, "Bridge" Thingie is going to have a steam locomotive rolling across it. Blah.



W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   B O N E   Z O N E,   J O B E L.



Edited by AnArchaicApparatus : Me Like Caco.

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13 hours ago, AnArchaicApparatus said:

I know that this topic is essentially dead


There are still people looking at this stuff, so it's not dead in my book.

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Bad girls Juno Radcliffe and "Ruthless" Ruth Bowie, from my novel Last of the Ghost Lions, the novelization of Project Einherjar.






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Thread over on Tapas asking for people's erotic art, but because it's a webcomic community, it's all shirtless dudes. I posted a few of these to mix it up.




Nancy from my web graphic novel, Daddy's Girl.




Some random cute Iranian girl tearing up the dance floor.



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15 hours ago, GhoulDesecrator said:

The waves and wrinkles look so organic, that's so nice to look at

Got more: =)




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Daria from my urban fantasy comedy Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors (Bishop & Holiday Book 1). She's a Fleg, a type of daemon native to Inferno -- specifically Circle 7, although you can find them on any circle where there's fun to be had. Flegs are generally the fun-loving seductive devils; it's the Imps you gotta watch out for.




I also do the art for the Bishop & Holiday radio plays.



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Some practice with sketching. I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out now! Forgive the size; it seems that any lower than 50% and MS Paint for me wants to do.. weird stuff... to the picture.





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Plus some bonus stuff. Split this into a separate post because it's a rather large image all its own. I feel like I'm doing a lot better drawing vehicles now; this kind of patrol-airship I've been working with for a while and this design looks nice enough to consider "final".


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Drew another airship. This one's a bit bigger than the little patrol-boat last seen.


"One of the heavier classes of airship operated by the Dwarven Reich's Luftkorps, the Molendorf-class cruiser brings to bear an impressive broadside of 8 high-caliber cannon, with rotating monitor-type turrets and a bomb bay further adding to its immense firepower. This class of vessel is fully kitted for its large officer detail, with impressive furnishing and no less than three fully functional command centers."


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This was for my Photoshop class, we had to make a self-portrait that represented something about ourselves; so I chose to put myself in the HUD of Doom. 

I also took my own screenshot, since I didn't like the screenshots I found on Google.



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Drew Dr Gaul from Last of the Ghost Lions (which I'm still struggling to finish writing), based on my Project Einherjar mod. Inspired by Mazoyah's fan-art for the mod (right).




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On 4/27/2018 at 11:15 PM, RNGPSY said:

not meant for doom map either but svencoop map, well woops


That looks just fantastic <3 .

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Drawing for a Nerf Raptorstrike mod.



-Cut off barrel and replace it with N-Strike barrel attachment point

-Put a tact rail over the pop-up sight

-Move the front ironsight back in front of the jam door

-Add a rear ironsight

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All are redrawn into hires and than vectorized.

Edited by Teder

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