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MIDIs from different start point

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In Eternal's Endpoint short episode, the intermission music sounds like a track I recognize but I couldn't put my finger on it. I browsed hastily through MMMUS.WAD and MM2MUS.WAD to find it but as I was only listening to the first couple seconds of the song before eliminating it and moving on to the next one, it took me a while to find it.

I eventually found out that it was Memento Mori MAP17, but the reason I couldn't find it at first is because the smooth bass / acoustic guitar part in the middle of the song is where the intermission track in Endpoint starts.

I have very little experience with working with MIDIs, but i do know MIDIs often have stretches of notes that weave into each other, unlike an MP3 where you can cut and paste whatever you want. Is something such as the intermission music in Endpoint easy to do? It would be nice to find a part of a midi track i like and just snip it off and tack it on to the end to preserve the entire looping track, just start from a different part. This is especially useful for title music, intermissions, and text interludes -- stuff the player probably spends no more than ten seconds looking at.

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Talking generally here: I guess you would just split such notes into two by modifying the length of the original note then adding another one of the same pitch after it, so that you get a "barrier" of sorts and then you can just cut and paste stuff, but depending on your editor you might have to do that one instrument at a time - I use Anvil and Sekaiju, neither of which can move stuff on multiple tracks at the same time afaik.

The result shouldn't sound noticeably different from the original. Instruments with longer attack (fade in) times like slow strings might not sound as great, but few people are likely to notice something like that in game.
Also this would be easier in normal MIDIs, as notes will be lined up with bars. MUS format stuff won't have any tempo information when converted back to MIDI, so unless it was the default tempo to begin with, those notes won't line up. Should still be possible to do this, just maybe a bit more confusing.

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