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Doom Reaper miniature trading thread

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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've been searching for a year now. I'm after the doom marine/hero reaper miniature. I've been on eBay a lot refreshing the "doom reaper", "doom pewter" and any other that relates to the search.

I have the whole set but all I'm after is the doom marine/hero. Is anyone who know any suggestions or want to sell the doom marine? I'm definitely interested.

Please let me know


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Do you have an email ?

Tompig said:

I'm in the UK too, I'll continue this conversation in a private message. :)

I've sent you an private message. Please do reply. Thanks

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Looking for any of the Doom Reaper Miniature. Played Doom as a child to young to purchase anything. Ebay been dry for a while. I imagine the Doom Family has them all in collections. Im at the mercy of them who is willing to sell any pieces. Going to another collection not reselling or anything. Thanks !

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Hi, I have a reaper miniature in pewter and unpainted of cyber demon, it’s dated 1996 and has the S.Garrity signature in the base. I don’t believe they made it into normal production. It’s for sale if you’re interested at all?

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