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[WIP] Linear 1 - check it out.

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I still have to add monsters/weapons/health/powerups/etc. but the overall architecture outline and playability is done. If anyone wuold be kind enough to download and try and tell me what they think, I'd much appreciate it.
Here's the map:

it is a doom1 pwad, for zdoom in UDMF format. couldn't avoid having to inlcude 2 scripts at a given point. scripts, sometimes are an offer you can't refuse :p
a few screenshots:


the idea is to create a pwad that is extremely linear. the followup map will be in the same premise. I plan to make 3-5 maps to complete a sort of 'story'.
I'll try to keep in a 'tech/industrial' style, and progressively work toward nuke/hell/outdoors and others.
If anyone wants to jump in and help with the 'things' placement and difficulty level design, be welcome.


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Linear HuH No Monsters HuH LoL. But all in all it looked good. Seem to work well once I figured it out. Thanks keep it up.

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