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Help with Risen3d

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I just purchased ultimate doom and am using it with the Risen3D port, which states on
their website it can use the doom wad from ultimate doom.

I can play the standard doom maps, but if I try to play a downloaded third party map
that is present in the "installed games" window, I get this error that the doom wad cannot be found

In the window "doom games" here it is

This happened with a number of maps downloaded from the Risen3d webpage.
I am new to doom ports, so can someone tell me how to run third party maps
with Risen3d?

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Yeah, Willie, Doom 2 has a new weapon and several new enemies so most user-created projects require the IWAD from that game. There are still tons of maps you can play but you have to make sure they are for the original Doom or for Ultimate Doom before getting them.

Of course even better is to buy Doom 2 on steam and get the IWAD file from its folder.

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