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So what has changed?

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So what has changed for you ever since you joined Doomworld?

New PC, new house? New hand? Anything really.

I haven't been on here for that long, but interesting things happened, I moved, now spend weeks without booting into windows! Yeah thats really it.

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I joined just over 17 years ago, which was almost exactly half my life ago. So, in that time I've finished school, University, got married, had a child, bought and sold flats and a house, learned to drive, got diagnosed with a chronic disease, had a 10-year stint in one employment (so that probably constitutes a "career", although I now do something completely different) and a lot of other stuff.

If I look back at what I wanted to achieve back in 1999/2000, I wanted to work on doom source ports. It took a while, but I finally do that.

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So many things.

Ancient Aliens

Brutal Doom 64

500th newstuff chronicle

Doom 2016

HDoom update


True color software renderering aka QZDoom

ZDoom's not developed anymore

DoomRL legal issues

Lots of update to Freedoom


Promoted to class X

Became really introvert

Became a shell of unknown anger

Became 16 at some point, 17 in the next month of 2017

Mah pure maths is better than eva!

Grasping the language of C


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Doomovie happened.
iD built a whole new game before Bethesda threw it away.

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geo said:

iD built a whole new game before Bethesda threw it away.

Which game was this? Last time I checked, Rage and Doom '16 are things.

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When did I join this place? 15 years ago? Pile of stuff happened. Other pile of stuff stayed the same. The interesting part was where my retina detached four times. That's neat, but also not always fun.

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TheMightyHeracross said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe he refers to the scrapped "Call of Doom" version of Doom 4?

That was my thought, but I recall some among the id staff expressing dislike for the direction the game was taking, so I don't think it was entirely a Bethesda decision.

The idea still intrigues me though. It sounds like it would have been a Half-Life 2 in Doom's clothing. I'd like to be able to play that game even just to see what it was shaping up to be.

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