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Russian Speedmapping Contest #18 - Results

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!!! - latest info is in this post


Russian Speedmapping Contest #18 will begin at February 4th, 12:00 UTC (Countdown). Everyone is welcome to participate. This time the host is Dragon_Hunter, but I will be taking care of the Doomworld thread and reposting all important information. If you have any questions, I can address them to him.



- Use this texture pack.
- You have 4 hours to make a level. It's okay if you're late for 15 minutes, but if you take more than that you're likely to be disqualified or get a penalty in the voting stage.
- Boom format maps only. (sky transfers are allowed)
- There will be only one theme this time and it's going to be some kind of a technical limitation (no more than X linedefs, use a certain number of monsters, etc). The theme will be revealed at the start of the contest.
- Music can be in MIDI, tracker, or OGG format. Please compress your OGGs nicely!
- Don't post your map here! Send it to Dragon_Hunter via PM, e-mail, etc. (links later)
- After the mapping stage there will be a judging stage where anyone will be able to rate the maps. All authors will remain anonymous until that stage is over.


Previous contest [17 maps]

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Here is a list of possible themes so that you guys know what to expect. :)

- Use a certain amount of sectors.
- Use a certain amount of textures and flats.
- Use a certain amount of lines.
- Use a certain amount of trigger lines (exit counts).
- Use a certain amount of monsters.
- Use a certain amount of monster types (pain elementals and lost souls count as the same type).
- No teleports and no actions that change floor heights. The player starts at a required height and has to exit at a required height.
- The level has to fit in a rectangle of a specified size.

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I like the anonymous map voting to decide a winner. Cool idea :)

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I like this texture (A_HELL04):

I don't think I've ever seen it before, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be from some famous old megawad.

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Our contest begins!

The theme is: amount of textures = 8, amount of flats=6
F_Sky1 flat is flat too. Sky textures for transfer sky - is a texture too.

To recap: you have 4 hours to make a Boom format map using this texture pack. Custom music is allowed and very welcome.


After you're done, send your map to this e-mail address: crytosky17@mail.ru Don't post it in this thread!

If you're late for...
- 1-15 minutes, it's OK
- 16-30 minutes, you lose 0.5 points in the voting stage
- 31-45 minutes, you lose 1.5 points
- 46-60 minutes, you lose 2 points

After 60 minutes the maps won't be accepted in the voting stage anymore but you're still welcome to send them.

Good luck!

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I'm hopefully going to be able to livestream-judge this either tonight or tomorrow night at around 6-7pm GMT, depending on when the maps are complied. (Memfis asked me to do so in the previous one; was unable to do so, but am free to do this one!)

I'm expecting some GOOD gameplay from the mappers involved! (my only previous experience of playing speedmaps would be 3 Heures D' Agonie and Joy of Mapping 1/2, so it will be interesting to be involved in more formally judging a mapping contest...)

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Starting to collect maps, hopefully the compilation should be available in a few hours. Thanks to everyone who sent so far. :)

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scifista42 said:
"I like this texture (A_HELL04):"

This is my own texture :) I firstly created it in Hellfire.wad (see map 22 for example)

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Download: Compilation (old version) [Map 01-10, 12, 21-22] (Boom)

Now the voting stage begins, and anyone can participate in it (including the mappers). If you wish to do so, play through all the maps and then rate each of them on a scale of 1 to 10. You need to explain your rating: please try to write at least 2-3 sentences, otherwise your vote will be probably ignored.

Maps 02 and 09 are not officially included in the contest because the authors didn't follow the rules (use only 8 textures and 6 flats). But please comment on them anyway: the authors will be happy to see your comments.

Have fun!

Oh, and the voting will end at February 19th 17:00 UTC.

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I really wanted to take part in this one; love the idea of the designers' identities being withheld for the voting process. Staying up into the small hours of the morning doesn't jive well with my circadian rhythm, though... so I'll have to settle for streaming the levels instead!


Starting in ~15 minutes.

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Well, this was a load of fun. I was surprised at the quality of the output, even granted that four hours is a lot of time for some of the hottest talent on tour today. I laid out most of my thoughts on stream, but in the interests of formalizing it I'll go ahead and punch up the numbers and comments here.

Map01 [9]: An impressive little kernel of a map - really enjoyable. The detailing is clean and intricate, and it puts me in mind of some of the best work of the early '00s; maps like Toxic Touch or Castle Gardens from Alien Vendetta. Punchy combat that moves swiftly. The author must have been in league with the guy who made Map07, or maybe it's a Russian thing: the key pickups demarking doors are a cute touch :)

Baron at the end was a bit naff. If I recall correctly, I just stepped on past him.

Map02 [3]: Blink and you'll miss it: this map's over in all of 40 seconds, and with no more than 15 weakling monsters to impede your progress along a more-or-less straight line it's not an engaging 40 seconds, either. The visuals are inoffensive at worst, so I can't really drop any lower than this, and the designer is probably new to the scene. Take the positive of the level looking okay and go from there!

Map03 [4]: Only a small step up, here. The idea of deactivating a series of laser barriers to progress is concept enough, but the layout doesn't help with its myriad corridors, which consigns the combat to the sort of dull front-and-back affair that we're all overly familiar with, at this point. The texture selection is clean enough, working well to 'band' its way around a horizontal setup, but it's still pretty flat.

Map04 [5]: By all accounts this map should be terrible. It looks ugly as all hell; it's balanced quite poorly. The crusher room seems broken. And yet... I didn't mind it. Perhaps the fun was of my own making: I like putting myself in desperately stupid situations when someone shoves a chainsaw and some hell knights in my face, so that even after five or six deaths I felt that baiting the archvile into my spinning beavertooth was the Correct Course of Action (pro hint: it wasn't). The map allows you to make your own fun, and I suppose that's what I like about it. Otherwise, a dead-set dud.

Map05 [5]: Not climbing the score card yet! This map's dedicated to the idea of using pillars and switches and closets to create progress. It's a standard of play that I don't much like, but I admire the singular execution in this case. It's fairly dull going, and in a couple of instances there were opportunities to create interesting combat that were missed. That final fight needed at least two archies! Lucky to score a 5.

Map06 [5]: This map features a BIG BUS made of RED BRICKS and I love it. I love that bus: the only shining light in an otherwise derelict township.

Bit of an odd map, this. At first I was wandering around the buildings suspecting that the level was going to have me Duking it out on the streets and running into buildings but it quickly became apparent that it was all a big setup. The building in the middle is the only attraction here and then the player's off to inspect an oddly disconnected segment of the level with a little more precision to its execution. Some cool atmosphere + the bus nets this one a solid 5.

Map07 [10]: Sensational! The crowd goes wild. I loved everything about it - no flaws to speak of. The combined layout and pace is what impressed me most, using an underground gorge to loop the player around the back of the starting structure as he picks off a wide variety of threats from high and low places. The monster mashes taking place in the starting structure (later revisited) and each of the key pick-up areas were very well thought out and contrasted well with the lighter skirmishes. The 'key-marked' doors pushed this one over the edge. Well done, Guy :)

Map08 [6]: Epic in scale and setting, which is always suggestive. This level manages to shrug off the problems that a lot of mostly symmetrical layouts fall prey to, in particular the problem of monotony through sequence. It has a clear direction, save for an unintuitive lack of key markers (or keys!) beside doors and the lowering of the final set of bars before the exit. The exterior swimming segment was poorly choreographed and the end fight was a bit tacked on, but all in all a competent piece.

Map09 [6]: Oh, how I hate mazes in Doom! Even id did, in retrospect. Fortunately, this one's mostly for show and actually amounts to a pretty cool drop-down effect revealing a much larger playing field. The resulting playing space isn't all that interesting and can't really support the sort of frenetic arena type combat that the author seems to have been after, but it does at least look interesting. Has some character to it. Should really dock a point for the trickling monster 'trap' emerging at the BK, but this seems more a technical misstep than anything.

Map10 [4]: Spooky midi and setting, but it's all a bit of a lost cause. The cave network amounts to a bunch of plinking away at lower tier monsters without fear of repercussion, thanks to all the space provided and while there's nothing wrong a map being easy...: some barrels and a berserk or chainsaw would have bumped this up a notch, I think.

Map12 [8]: Roaming cybers are always a plus, and especially in a sandbox environment - not nearly enough of those!

I was impressed by the direction that this level takes, guiding the player on a surprisingly linear path through a series of buildings and Hells Revealed on the streets below, one of which embarrassed me utterly. I would have liked to see more reliance on level design technique versus arrows and Doom Writ to inform the player of places to go and things to shoot, as well as a little more visual content to the outdoors, but all-in-all this is a refreshing attempt at creating the sort of building-block mayhem that all the best sandbox maps are based around, and we can't dock marks for the buildings looking shoddy. Making a functional city map in 4 hours is hard.

Map21 [7]: Very, very interesting, this. Even before addressing the scale and detail of the level, it was the music that directed me to assume a stance for slaughter-type encounters... which never really came. The elements are there, and the setups - tricky as they are, at the start - seem the product of a mind that is well versed in giving the player the middle finger while still giving him plenty of outs. Undercooked, in places: the final two fights in the main hub lack all of their teeth. Nonetheless, there's an impressive amount of content that's surprisingly well-kept. The work of a veteran level designer.

Map22 [4]: RED. DECORATIONS. PILLARS! Pillars, especially; there are tons of those. This one has some ideas going for it and that piqued my interest, but it's all very poorly strung together by some confusing progression indicators and visuals that are so bad they're distracting. The author must have run out of time while working on the end segment of the level, because whereas the opening stretch of cave is patently thought out with its lighting and geometry, the former is a ramshackle blotch of fullbright rock and metal structures - quite hideous. It's among the most memorable levels in the pack, albeit not for the right reasons. I enjoyed corralling the cacos into the spiderdemon fire.

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Played with glboom+.

map01: Looks quite good; author picked a good combination of textures and clearly some effort was put to detailing. The only issue is a massive HOM in the RK room when you look back to where you dropped down. However the map is very short and gameplay is not very engaging. There are a bunch of "ambushes" but they fall a bit flat with the current monster selection, maybe except for the Manc & Chainers platform thingy. The ending is especially disappointing and pretty much any other monster would have been better. Still, I can appreciate the good effort and with some tinkering it could be a cool short map. 7/10

map02: A bunch of rectangular rooms with uneventful gameplay. Visual theme is consistent but there is certainly no wow-factor. Gameplay feels like an afterthought as it consists of cannon fodder hitscanners and a couple of roadblocks, all incidental encounters. Overall the map is way too short even for a speedmap; it takes 45 seconds to finish if you're slow. Forgettable. 2/10

map03: This feels like a draft of a good short map in a way, if that makes any sense. I like the layout and the vertical variation, also the texture theme is appealing. I'm a big fan of the force field "doors" as well. Detailing is nonexistent though, perhaps a conscious decision by the author to concentrate on other things. In any case the total lack of detailwork is a bit striking. Gameplay is incidental combat all the way with a similar level of challenge as map01. Revs and Chaingunners work pretty well in this environment but don't provide much of a challenge when pressure is applied from one direction only. The biggest threat in this map are the crushers, which in my opinion are a terrible decision. They are nigh unavoidable and add nothing to the map. 6/10

map04: joe-ilya is that you?? For a project that limits the number of textures and flats that can be used, this is not a particularly good way to distribute them I think. The bulk of the map is flat, monotonous blueness of a couple of different shades. The few other-coloured textures are either wasted on the opening area that you spend about 20 seconds in or used too sparingly. Apart from the opening area, there's no sense of place in this map at all imo. The opening shot would lead you to believe that it is supposed to be some sort of a techbase but my imagination cannot transform this into any kind of a sensible techbase. Gameplay is certainly much more hectic than in the previous maps although I'm not sure how calculated the monster placement in the main area actually is. The Cyberdemon trap is certainly humorous, it's too bad that with foreknowledge the trap and the Cyber become pretty much non-factors. Lastly, while I don't mind Genesis, this is not really something I like to hear in a Doom map. 3/10

map05: I like the clean and tidy visual style and the fact that the map has a bit of a theme and sticks to it. The execution of the theme in the early parts could have been a bit better though; opening up monster closets one by one does not provide very engaging gameplay although I was glad that the author provided a berserk so some artificial challenge can be created if the player wishes so. The pillars & RL fight is something I enjoy, however the author could have added a bit more bite to it. Some more monsters initially, another AV teleporting in, those kind of things. Something that will be noted by most players, I reckon, is that the map is ALL 90 degree corners. Some variation would go a long way. 5/10

map06: Well then. The concept of the map is good; a sort of ruined cityscape of some sorts in some dark corner of the world. However, the map is massively underpopulated considering its size, which makes gameplay practically nonexistent. Not a single one of the monsters provides any challenge in this map. The second part of the map, inside the strange building, seems redundant as it's separate from the theme of the rest of the map and with similarly uneventful gameplay. I also found a few visual errors in this map: the doorway into the RK area produces a couple of nasty HOMs and the door into the SSG secret somehow magically disappearing into a 1 millimeter thick roof is a bit jarring. The music choice is good and fits the theme of the map I think. 3/10

map07: I'm just going to say right away that I will be surprised if this map doesn't win. For a speedmap this is very impressive; the architecture is great, gameplay scenarios are well thought-out and progression is non-linear but easy to grasp. Author used vanilla textures only but the combination works very well and there is definitely a sense of place in this one. Lack of detailing due to time constraints is something you hardly notice here and overall it looks really good. Really enjoyed this one, great job whoever did this. 9/10

map08: This is a bit of a mixed bag. Thematically consistent and grey textures are an obvious fit for a castle map but some variation wouldn't certainly hurt. Gameplay isn't too bad, the Cyber provides some threat in the beginning although most of his rockets do hit the walls or the ground. Merely the presence of the Cyber makes the player a bit cautious though so he serves his purpose. In my opinion the finale could have used a lock-in to limit the possibilities of cheesing the ambush. Also I wonder why the author decided not to lower the metal bars to the exit with the action that lowers the other two set of bars? I disapprove of the ledge Imps because are annoying to kill for maxes. The pompous music choice I did enjoy though. 6/10

map09: A hedge maze that turns into an arena map. The maze is one of the better ones I've seen as it is circular, not very confusing and sufficiently short. The arena combat is pretty standard stuff; a few Mancs and Revs, a couple turret Barons guarding a PG and some cannon fodder sprinkled among them. Also note that if you want ledge snipers, this is the way to do it without making them annoying. Easy to kill and theyproduce the same effect as in the previous map. Finale is a bit predictable but works fine if they manage to maneuver down the stairs, which for example didn't happen in my initial playthrough. Lookswise it's fairly good and the author used a good combination of textures (although he didn't stick to the constraints). Overall an alright map, although it lacks a bit in length and difficulty. I'm interested in seeing who made the map as i'm fairly certain I recognize this style from other Russian community projects. 7/10

map10: Visually a good effort, here the author manages to hide the lack of detailing with natural shapes and good architecture work, much like the author of map07. Sadly the map is very short and gameplay is uneventful to say the least. It is somewhat underpopulated and enemy placement and reliance on incidental combat provide very little challenge. 5/10

map12: This is my second favorite map in this contest. A good-sized, nice-looking snowy city map by one of the Russian contestants I'm sure. Gameplay is engaging and seems to rewards players relying on letting the Cyber do most of the killing at ground level. The roaming Cyber is definitely the main threat throughout the map and can easily punish unsuspecting players even when exploring the buildings. Fundamentally I prefer the natural techbase environment of map07 to citymap like this, which is the main reason I rate the former higher here even though there is nothing really wrong with this. There is a certain monotonity that plagues citymaps if you don't use odd angles, grand scales (see Hellbound) or colourful window detailing or such, and the texture use limitations certainly do not help here. Still a good map with interesting gameplay. 8/10

map21: This is an another good map. Good size for a speedmap, nice non-linear layout and pretty visual style with a texture combination that works well. Gameplay is interesting and provides some difficulty too. I like the branch with the Soulsphere and a couple of Arch-Viles in particular. Finale is sufficiently bloody and enemy placement there seems thought-out rather than just monster spam. 8/10

map22: Bright red is definitely not the color you want to pick if you're making a mostly monochromatic map. This is an eyesore I'm afraid, the reds are not complemented near enough with other colors and the result is hard to look at. Lava fits the theme for sure but is also red/yellow and while the dark grey metal would be a good complementing color, it's only used in separate structures, be it bars or poles or strange buildings in the SM area. Gameplay is not that fun either; first you fight in cramped spaces, then you have giant field for the SM who you can pretty much completely skip. 3/10

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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/120015024 = my playthrough of all 13 maps.

The quality of the contest maps were pretty decent overall; most of them were average-ish, with a few standing out (06,07 and 12) for me. Here's my general notes/ratings of each map:

Map 1: 7/10

Interesting use of water and instant pop-ups. Could have perhaps used a secret green armor? I liked the sky transfers and general detailing of this brief opening map. I think this map being in the first map slot helped raise the score by one for me, as it was a good opener to the wad.

Map 2: 5/10

Nice flashing lights and scrolling. Nice floor detailing. Not much else to say; this was brief, and I sense this came from either a newbie mapper or someone who isn't good at adding quick detail/length to speedmaps.

Map 3: 4/10 (worst map of the wad!)

I liked how the shotgun in the pain sector at the start was compensated with the 2 stimpacks. Nice run across the height of the level at one point. The flow of this map was ruined however by the AWFUL crusher segment; way too tight and precise! Was an average map otherwise, ruined by the crusher. Sorry.
(didn't find the secret)

Map 4: 6/10

Having to use only chaingun/chainsaw was interesting. Nice detailing and colours inside the building. The Cyberdemon crusher trap was alright.
I didn't like the perceived ammo starvation after you enter the building, and are expected to deal with several chaingunners/HK's and an Archvile to push forward and obtain the ammo needed for the level; felt awkward to me, even though I managed it somewhat quickly. Level was alright otherwise.
(found the plasma gun secret; someone in the chat heard a switch cue I somehow missed)

Map 5: 6/10

Interesting "5 switch gallery". Decent detailing, nice use of the Archvile in the pillar room. The teleport out of the blue skull room should have faced the other way by 180; led to some slight confusion off me. Was an alright map overall.

Map 6: 8/10 (guessing this was Lainos?)

Great first visual impression! Great ruined city details, alongside the "brick bus"! And having an encounter inside the large ruined building was cool too, even though the stimpacks were hard to see inside the Red Skull room on software mode. The second part of the map was a bit less visually impressive, but played alright.
(found the "secret". Also found a HOM on the actual door frame of the red skull key fight room, but it might have been fixed in v2 of the wad which I didn't play)

Map 7: 9/10 (best map of the wad! My stream chat guessed this might have been memfis?)

A very complex map. Nice fights, nice vanilla-esque detailing, nice direction/switch leading. Was overall fun to play from start to finish! I also liked how the tall pillar enemies were both lit up nicely and only shotgunners, instead of the expected evil chaingunners for a change.

Map 8: 7/10 (guessing this was Big Memka?)

Fort Boyard! (a show I never watched, but stream chat pointed it out to me) Music was a bit loud and overbearing, but tolerable. Nice detailing and use of the "castle" structure, running around the outside at one point with a tolerable 5% water pain sector. Good use of the Cyberdemon, and gameplay was alright overall.
There seemed to be a broken monster closet of 15 enemies on the map.
(found the secret Soulsphere area; the map helped!)

Map 9: 7/10

Nice hedge maze. (like Blood much?) Nice that said maze entirely lowered at the fountain! I felt the placement of the two Archviles behind the door at the end was a tad too easy; I'd have liked to have seen one TP in upon picking up the key and cause a bit of chaos instead. Gameplay was fun overall.

Map 10: 5/10

Some nice details here and there. Another basic map gameplay-wise, albeit one with no health. The Pinky couldn't fit through the door after the crusher. A nice "window" to peek a chaingunner at one point. Not much else to say on this one.
Was this from another newbie mapper?

Map 12: 8/10

Downtown maps aren't usually my favourite, but this snowy one was alright! Nice use of the Cyberdemon and only having pistol zombies at the start. A good lack of annoying "snipers" on the map. I liked the use of the wooden texture on the "buildings that came down". Although I wasn't too observant, I liked the attempt to direct the player with arrows and words; kept the map from being too confusing. A fun map overall, which I wasn't expecting.
(found 1 of 2 secrets)

Map 21: 6/10

Detailing nice with the wood textures particularly. The 1 HK & Baron on the room after the left lift felt a bit odd to me; not the most obvious door for the Orange Skull key either in the same room. Was the slow lock-in that a player can run out of intentional for the 3-key door opening trap? Gameplay decent overall, some complexity.
(found the secret soulsphere/rad suit in the waterfall)

Map 22: 6/10

Teleporting chaingunners; LAME! I liked the intense use of props at the start of the map, and the final area combo of hellscape & steel pillars. The snowy fence.....a bit weird being in a HOT Hell map, in my opinion.
Gameplay was alright overall, but this map was more a triumph of visuals over gameplay.

I look forward to finding out which mapper made what map once the contest is over.

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That was a fun stream Suitepee, and it was a nice crop of maps. There was no excuse for map2 though, it was nothing but a damn hallway!

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hurray, passing judgement on things. who doesn't enjoy that?

01: [6]. Little in the way of attributes players are used to fawning over, very little verticality, layout is simple, monster placement borders on completely nonchalant. That aside this felt attractively minimal to me, cute detailing schema, I liked the RSK switch.

02: [1]. Guessing the author was struggling more with the technical bits of operating doombuilder than they were thinking about interesting map design.

03: [0]. Noodle layout and horizontal bars. Not for me.

04: [1]. Cute crusher trap, cute ice-crates. Off-putting visuals/gameplay/midi.

05: [8]. Gameplay more or less non-existent, but this one felt amusing and interesting to play.

06: [8]. In the absence of compelling gameplay this is pretty much what I want from a pwad. Feels adventurous and a touch unusual. Cool surreal sky windows in the final area. Cool broken cityscape that seems to be the calling-card of the Russian doom community.

07: [8]. The texturing, midi, and overall complexity (given the time constraints) points to this being a Memfis map. I'm sympathetic towards pinned mobs as progression blocks and threat contribution. Nice mix of cramped/spacious combat. Felt incredibly competent overall.

08: [10]. This map was hype. Fun music, traps that were more bark than bite, but nonetheless entertaining to blaze through. Love the eternal doomy climbing around castle architecture, unmarked key switches, etc. Yes.

09: [8]. I just about alt-f4 anything that makes me fight imps with a pistol, but I found this one humorous and I want to give it points for mapping around a concept (albeit simple).

10: [1]. I think I'd like this map more if it had no ammo and every enemy was replaced with a revenant.

12: [5]. Wandering cyb is a nice archetype. Impressive amount of playtime for how fast it was developed. I'm apathetic towards these types of sandboxes in general.

21: [6]. Some familiar designs here :). Start seemed more threatening than what followed through the rest of the map. Ending was a bit trivial, but ohwell.

22: [9]. Great map. Creepy cave area is great, final mastermind fight is endearingly horrendous (no lighting, ey?). Midi falls into the "so bad it's good, but not ironically" category, which describes the map as a whole. Fun.

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Fdas for the spd18v2 if some of the authors care to watch.

MAP01: The work on the detail was well done. Gameplay is easy and with the lenght of the map makes it a suitable opener for the set. 7

MAP02: It looks ok, but my impression is that the author worked more on adding lines and detail instead of making an actual layout, I think that the author should work on that for his future works. It's so basic that it doesn't even feel like a proper map. 2

MAP03: It looks a bit bland tbh but it has a nice concept overall and it's executed rather well. 6

MAP04: Gameplay isn't so fun, and the ugly look doesn't encourage you to keep on playing this. The cyber was nice, executed poorly though. 2

MAP05: Liked the "find the right switch" room, and the fight in the room with the pillars was cool. Some other ideas here like the starting room with all those doors wasn't interesting as the rest. 6

MAP06: Nice setting and it isn't really bad with those limitations. I really liked the corridors in the final building with those sky windows. 7

MAP07: Best map of the contest. It felt like playing a map from the classics of the 90's. 10

MAP08: Despite the place isn't very big the map achieves an epic feel. Very well done architecture and gameplay. 9

MAP09: The circular maze is really cool and then the map turns into an arena. Quite fun but nothing really special overall. 6

MAP10: I liked the initial building with the lava pond and the windows around it. I think that the overall layout could have worked with an some actual combats, traps and a better look. 2

MAP12: I admire the effort that was put into this one, and... that's all. I Didn't like this map at all. The choice of the setting is odd. With the limitations the city looks really dull, and what's worse is that you have to follow a strict linear path. Way too much stuff with too little substance to justify it. 3

MAP21: Good map overall, nice selection of textures with some nasty situations. 8

MAP22: A standard hell map with red textures everywhere. Maybe it's actually a bit too jarring visually but the map works. 6

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MAP01: 8/10
A very enjoyable short, concise, and decently challenging map. Nicely detailed architecture and has a few really cool ideas implemented. Loses a point because I really hate instantly appearing enemies.

MAP02: 2/10
An uninteresting, extremely short and completely linear map with very few monsters and no challenge. The rooms themselves look decent enough but overall a very sub-par map

MAP03: 5/10
A somewhat bland looking map with a good layout and cool use of force field walls. The crusher hallway was way too precise to navigate and was really annoying.

MAP04: 1/10
Ugly, mostly monochromatic visuals, insufficient feeling ammo and over-abundance of chaingunners and high HP monsters with unsatisfactory weapons. The cyberdemon trap was terrible as it could still easily kill you while it's getting crushed. I can't find anything good about the map.

MAP05: 6/10
An interesting switch roulette map with good traps, a decent aesthetic, and moderate challenge. Nothing too special.

MAP06: 7/10
A pretty cool outdoor city level. Aesthetically a little lacking maybe, but enjoyable to play through. Pretty relaxing, nothing too difficult.

MAP07: 9/10
A very impressive, rather complicated classic looking map that wouldn't be out of place in old map sets. Has a great variety of environments and encounters and felt quite challenging. A truly excellent map.

MAP08: 3/10
The texture and music choice was really off-putting to me, and I didn't like the circular arena and its traps. The castle idea is cool but the layout felt questionable. I just didn't enjoy this map.

MAP09: 7/10
The snowy hedge maze looked really cool, as well as the overhang with the icicles. Once it opened into an arena, it wasn't hard to get the good guns and get all the teleporting enemies to kill each other. Simple map but looked really cool.

MAP10: 3/10
A very simple linear map. The low monster count poses no real threat. The texture choice is nice, and I liked the portals.

MAP12: 8/10
I really liked the idea of having a cyberdemon chasing you through a city without the weaponry to kill it until near the end, it was tense. The snowy aesthetic was once again appreciated and the layout was good. My only problem is these city type maps always take me forever to figure out what to do next. My second favorite map of the set.

MAP21: 6/10
Good architecture and great use of wood textures minus one where a door looked like the walls around it. The layout was decently complex, and the map was a good challenge.

MAP22: 3/10
This map is way too red. It was painful to look at in some places. More texture variety would have been great. Pillars were overused as detailing and seemed out of place. Otherwise, the map played decently enough though maybe a bit linear, and the little bit of platforming wasn't unforgiving.

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Speedmapping Contest #18 is over! Here are results

Authors of maps:
MAP 01 - Chaingunner
MAP 03 - scifista42
MAP 04 - joe-ilya
MAP 05 - Артём
MAP 06 - MyNameIs
MAP 07 - Memfis
MAP 08 - BigMemka
MAP 09 - StormCatcher77
MAP 10 - Walter Confalonieri
MAP 12 - Shadowman
MAP 21 - Dragon Hunter
MAP 22 - Slavius [B0S]

Maps 10 and 21 are non-competetive too, because of time limits.

The winners are:

1th place - Memfis (map 07)
2th place - BigMemka (map 08)
3th place - Shadowman (map 12)

Thanks too all, who took part in competition. All maps are good and were interesting to play them. Also, thanks, for who voted, recorded demos and streems! See you soon!

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Hell yeah, the chat called out memfis' map and I correctly guessed Big Memka on map 8!

Scifista42 on map 03? Joe-ilya on map 04?
Walter conf on map 10? Whoh, and to think I thought it was from a "newbie mapper".

I might do this voting thing again.

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Suitepee said:

Walter conf on map 10? Whoh, and to think I thought it was from a "newbie mapper".

lol actually i was found funny that nobody found my style... maybe is time that i need to do something with my mapping that makes people said: "hey look, is that guy again!"

That being said, i never expected that MAP04 was made by joe....

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