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Winter Wonderland- Shirts and Skins!

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Snowballs, snowmen, and kids all around? Sounds like snow's come falling to the ground! And what better way to celebrate snowfall than by lobbing said snow in your friend's (or enemy's) faces? Winter Wonderland allows you to do just that, with Zandronum 3!



[TSPG] Painkiller: Winter Wonderland official server

Recent changes:
-Added CTF support to all maps
-Added Health items
-Slushball now has an alternate fire
-Press Reload to eat currently held snowball
-More snowmen!
-More pedestrians!
-More maps!
-Balanced Snow forts and fixed fort stacking
-"Decorative" icicles
-Implemented fancy behavior in Zandronum, Engine-specific release no longer neccesary
-New map structure




MAPC: Chilly Canyon
The original, ever-expanding map, constantly growing to accomodate the new additions. One can only wonder if it might one day burst with all the content being added.


MAPG: Gelid Grotto
The kids have fallen into a hole and there seems to be no way back up... Might as well make the best of your time in these enclosed caves, but with so few openings, snow is rather sparse here.


MAPT: Tyumen Turf
This Russian city's market district had become a bustling plaza once the repairs were made after a now-forgotten war that took place in 2004, only to be desolated once again by the heavy snow shutting down the streets. Some even say the plaza itself was pulled by helicopter from Africa to Russia, but that just sounds crazy...


MAPW: Wintery Woodlands
Snow even falls through the woods as everyone decides to use the natural clearing as their new playground.


Older versions:



Fancy: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=winterwonderlandslushball.pk3 (Requires ZDoom 2.8.1)
Simple: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=winterwonderlandslushballs.pk3 (Requires Zandronum 2)
-Added the titular Slushball, which acts as a glass cannon: You only get one at a time, but it's generally a one-hit kill
-Added a new secret area to the map, to accompany the Slushball
-One of the snowmen types now reacts to being hit, and can be destroyed to obtain more snowballs
-Polished the map up a good amount
-Made a Zan-compatible "Simple" release
Dropbox mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mowgj9ee3vdv9jz/WinterWonderlandReveal.pk3?dl=1

Outdated screenshots:








Code: LanHikariDS


Snowball: The Mad Soldier (Ripped from Metal Slug)
Snowmen: Random Talking Bush (Ripped from Metal Slug 3)
         RandomRebelSoldier (Ripped from Metal Slug 4)
         ABINADI (Ripped from Metal Slug 4)
Bystanders: Random Talking Bush (Ripped from Metal Slug 3, and Metal Slug XX)
Frozen Bystanders: Random Hoo Haas (Ripped from an unknown Metal Slug game)
Flags: Gussprint (Ripped from Metal Slug, edited by LanHikariDS)
Flag Stand: Dazz (Ripped from Chaos Wars)
Backpack: Casquall, Redzagoon, and Waudby (Ripped from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, edited by LanHikariDS)
Textures: Sprites Inc. staff (Ripped from MegaMan X8)
          LanHikariDS (Ripped from Halo 2 and edited)
          Max Boughen (pulled from maxTextures.com, edited by LanHikariDS)
Doomguy Animations: JoeyTD
Facepics (Possibly): Mike12
Confetti: redblueyellow (Ripped from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
Coat: LanHikariDS (Ripped from Fate)
Hand: <UNKNOWN> (Ripped from BeefJerky.pk3)
        <UNKNOWN> (Found on Doomworld Forums, edited by Meleemario)
Voxels: LanHikariDS
Lightning: Goemar (Ripped from Metal Slug 3)
Frosty: LanHikariDS (Ripped from Heretic and edited)
Chili: Magma Dragoon (Ripped from Metal Slug 3)
Soup: Dazz (Ripped from Maple Story)
Miner: Random Rebel Soldier (Ripped from Metal Slug 2)
Stalagmites: LanHikariDS (Ripped from Heretic)
Miner packs: zeldafan511 (Ripped from Pokemon X and Y)
Hot Chocolate: Shioran (Ripped from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGread, edited by LanHikariDS)
Intermission Pic: c200mc (Ripped from Metal Slug)
Health bar: Jermungandr (Ripped from Kirby Mass Attack, edited by LanHikariDS)
Icicle: SkyLights (Ripped from Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
Icicle Chunks: Deathbringer (Ripped from Revelations: Persona)
Kids: RandomRebelSoldier (Ripped from Metal Slug 4)
Snow splats: LanHikariDS (Ripped from Halo 2 and edited)

Death Sound: <UNKNOWN> (Ripped from Halo: Reach)
Eat Sound: Soundbible
Snow Collect Sound: Pingu! (Ripped from Halo 3)
Swing sound: The Frantics (Ti Kwon Leap)
Lightning: LanHikariDS (Ripped from Metal Slug 3)
TERRAIN sounds: Lonrot (Ripped from Minecraft)
Vending Machine sounds: Madeline Collette

MetSoul: Zophar.net (Ripped from MegaMan ZX)
Zanzibar:    <UNKNOWN> (Ripped from Metal Gear Solid)
WPanora:    Zophar.net (Ripped from MegaMan ZX)
Uground:    Zophar.net (Ripped from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
Buffalo:    Zophar.net (Ripped from MegaMan X3)


Edited by LanHikariDS : Project updated

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Had the chance to play this dm-snowball-fight-thingy and I will say that with infinite ammo accidentally turned on (somehow) this map became a ton of fun, cluttering up the area with little blocking, but destructable snow-fort-mounds (or trying to trap each other in) and earning frags with snowballs. Only problem is that it requires zDoom to run, which will never result in anybody playing this absolutely fun thing. Still, good job, nonetheless, Lan :)

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Got out a Zan release a while ago, uploaded it, never updated the threads.

Edited by LanHikariDS : Server pulled down

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Having some issues at TSPG, might need to move over elsewhere. For the time being, the server is down, likely due to it's lack of popularity. However, popular or not, I would like to have the server up 24/7 for anyone to enjoy as they wish, so stay tuned to the OP for further updates. I've a new one coming soon ;)

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