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[MOD] Doom Delta v2.0 RELEASED!

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Doom Delta v2.0 has arrived! You can see many of the new changes in the changelog down below (like, way down below) and you can also experience them for yourself! I hope you enjoy the v2.0 release, and remember, I'm open to suggestions and feedback! v1.0 was a great start, but personally, it left a lot to be desired in terms of accuracy, performance, and all-around fun. Now, with v2.0, it is at a point that I am very happy with. This doesn't mean the end of Doom Delta, of course; there is more to come in the future! Some of the things I have in mind are looking at possible implementations of the grenade launcher and the 'Probjectile'. I'm also interested in seeing what I could do with the shields from the Doom Bible, as well as some unused enemy concepts like the Flying Imp and the Blob.


Doom Delta is a mod for ZDoom and GZDoom that aims to bring many elements from the pre-release iterations of Doom, including Doom 0.3-0.5, the press release beta, the rare VHS footage, and the Doom Bible. Elements such as the helmet HUD from early alphas, enemy designs, separate classes, and unique weapons return. The mod aims for a classic-feel, using the technology introduced by ZDoom to pull off certain features.



  • Four different characters inspired by the Doom Bible
  • Fully functional helmet HUD with minimap
  • Weapons such as the Rifle, the Dark Claw, and the Unmaker
  • Score system with treasure pickups and awards for kills
  • Authentic sound design




Rifle tNazx6G.png
The rifle featured prominently in the alpha. Functions similarly to the pistol, with higher starting ammo and a faster fire rate.

Bayonet Iw5RIYv.png
A bayonet attachment for the rifle, allowing you to thrust it into enemies. Makes a meaty sound when it meets flesh! Makes a much less satisfying sound when it meets wall.

Shotgun RFVcoxU.png
The shotgun from the alpha builds returns, refurbished to match the other weapons. Functions identically to the retail shotgun.

Super Shotgun lmttxeC.png
The super shotgun borrows its appearance from the unfinished pump-action SSG sprites. Due to balance reasons, the retail reload animation is kept.

Machine Gun HQdWcub.png
The machine gun makes its return! Hold down the fire key to shoot bullets. Reminds me of a certain weapon...oh yeah!

Chaingun MBa4mI1.png
The chaingun starts off noticeably slow, but if you keep it spinning, its rate of fire and damage per second will rise dramatically! Great for tearing through crowds.

Rocket Launcher Z30hccM.png
Essentially untouched. Nothing to note here.

Plasma Rifle RBTUBGh.png
Fires alternating green and red plasma shots, inspired by the Doom press release demo. It's just like Christmas!

Dark Claw gP96ZgJ.png
Hailing from the Doom Bible is the severed arm of a demon, infused with devastating soul-sucking magic. It's projectiles rip through demons, making it useful to blast away massive crowds. Runs on human souls.

BFG 2704 ENuPXbP.png
The BFG 2704 is nothing to sneeze at, and sneeze it does! When fired, a flurry of red and green balls come gushing out, just like the BFG from the press release demo! You'll bust a nut so good you'll take yourself to Red Lobster.

Unmaker e3rpveZ.png
An unholy union of demon organics and human technology, the Unmaker is an incredibly powerful weapon from the Doom Bible. When fired, four vengeful souls come bursting out from the head, seeking out and tearing through demons. Runs on human souls.




Chaos Field XAPRXde.png
When this powerup is active, demons within your vicinity will be driven to attacking their demonic brethren. If there are no other demons in their line of sight, however, they'll go back to taking out their rage on you, so be careful!



Lorelei Chen - Lorelei is the fastest of the four characters in more ways than one! Her base speed is remarkably quick (sacrificing most of her sprint ability), and has an increased fire rate on most weapons (excluding power weapons.)

John Pietrovich - John is an all-around type of character. Out of all available characters, he is the most balanced in all fields. Normal firing speed, takes normal damage, has normal speed. He is the closest to the vanilla Doom Marine out of all four characters.

Dimitri Paramo - Dimitri is a tank. He can soak up direct and explosive damage like nothing, but is fairly slow compared to the others. His sprint slowly loses speed, requiring a brief break before he can reach top speed again.

Thi Barret - Thi is a glass cannon. She moves quickly and is able to duck in and out of encounters with ease. However, due to her extra vulnerability to damage, she can be overwhelmed faster than the other classes.


Versions of Doom Delta starting with 2.0 and beyond are exclusive to GZDoom, due to reliance on features such as ZScript.

Doom Delta v2.0! (stable)

v2.0 Changelog!



New screenshots from 2.0!

Official Discord


Edited by DrPyspy : mod updated

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Had lots of fun with this mod. I love the alpha helmet hud. I kinda miss the item pickup messages (I assume you're implementing the helmet hud messages instead). I understand that Lorelei is the faster soldier of the group but I thought it was funny that she fires the chaingun faster as well. Did she tweak the gun by herself? Not complaining though, I kinda like it that way.

Looking forward for updates. Keep it up!

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Awesome to see the old alpha helmet hud in use here. I always loved that hud but could never find a working mod of it anywhere.

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I kinda forgot I had this thread. It's missing a lot of updates...and the release...and the v1.1 patch...so I'll be fixing that with 10-20 minutes of this post being created. In the mean time, here is some new stuff from 2.0:




Here is a video showcasing a functional secret detector, which goes wild near sectors marked as secrets.




And here is a screenshot showing off a new setting that emulates a 320x240 resolution, which is the closest I could get to 320x200 without stretching issues on the weapons. This works at any resolution, including widescreen.

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20 hours ago, DrPyspy said:

I kinda forgot I had this thread. It's missing a lot of updates...and the release...and the v1.1 patch...so I'll be fixing that with 10-20 minutes of this post being created. In the mean time, here is some new stuff from 2.0:

Any idea when 2.0 will be released? :)

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8 hours ago, Albertoni said:

Any idea when 2.0 will be released? :)

Perhaps some time near the end of this month, I think? I've almost finished the checklist for 2.0, so it shouldn't be much longer. :D

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Cool!!! I had kind of given up on there being any more updates for this amazing mod. Thank you for proving me wrong there!


Out of curiosity, is the box in the mock commercial actually real?

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I noticed a couple minor issues that I remember reporting back then, which have yet to be addressed:


1- I no longer get a Secret Found notification upon finding a secret, only a sound.


2- One of the Supershotgun reload animation frames - specifically, the one where the left hand loads two shells - is cut off on the lower left side.

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