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Death Foretold (D4T): Final v2.1

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(AKA DOOM(4) for d-Touch)
By DBThanatos & Michaelis

Join our discord here




2.0 Trailer and Release Date



What is this?

A mod for Doom2 with the weapons, monsters and some mechanics from DOOM(4).


This mod was made with three things in mind: 


  • To be compatible with D-Touch (android port of gzdoom) and Zandronum 3.0.
  • To be as straight forward as possible (as opossed to my previous project D4D, which had very granular configurations for many things)
  • To match the gameplay style I enjoy playing: Run and gun. Don't stop.

If what you seek is a fun and balanced d-touch compatible DOOM(4)-based mod, then look no further, for we have what you want.


What to expect?


  • All the DOOM(4) single player and multiplayer weapons, with modifications included. Combine that Super Shotgun with the Reaper and a Grenade Launcher!
  • DOOM(4) inspired monsters. Custom sprites and Doom2016 sounds. Rebalanced from the ground up. 
  • No hitscan enemy attacks. You can always see where the attacks are coming from.
  • Demon runes for almost every monster around. Want to be a Cyberdemon or a Harvester? No problem! 
  • Many grenade (equipment) types. Castlevania style, you can only carry one, so plan ahead or just keep your favorite.
  • Challenging, yet fair gameplay.
  • Glory kills! Quick and unintrusive. Get some health back!
  • Double jump. Extra mobility FTW.
  • Too many skills, for playing on a phone, play normal or super hard (for the masochists).
  • D-Touch compatible! Rip and Tear on the go!
  • Optimized for non-state-of-the-art mobile and desktop processors. Potatoes rejoice!
  • Brightmaps everywhere! because little touches bring greatness!
  • Tons of sprites custom-made for this project. From weapons, to monster and visual FX!
  • Three HUDs: Centered, cornered and even one for mobile!
  • GZdoom 1.8.6 compatible. Stability FTW.
  • GZdoom 3.0 compatible. Fancy bloom and stuff.
  • Zandronum Alpha 3.0 compatible. Because why not play with other players?
  • Coop compatible. Team up and tear!
  • Deathmatch compatible. Rebalanced from the ground up. No random damage values. It's all about learning your weapons and aiming properly!


Also thanks to dedicated players/modders, we also have quite a few addons, amongst them:


  • Last Man Standing compatibility
  • Selectable Starting Grenade (equipment)
  • Parkmore movement
  • Voice packs
  • Gore enhancements
  • AI enhancements
  • Retouched sprites
  • Voxels pack
  • Doom 2016 Soundtrack
  • Skin packs
  • Zombie mode mutator

And more!



Download Death Foretold (D4T) v2.1 HERE

Get D4T addons HERE
Edited by DBThanatos

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D4D on D-Touch!?!
*squeals in happiness*
Dream come true. Going to check this out!

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