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Looking for the Grail : The Complete Mail Order Version !

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Hi to the whole community of Doomworld ! :)

I am newbie to this board that I experienced by documenting myself on different versions of the original version of Doom.

I am a French collector (sorry for my bad english) and I play Doom since I am a kid on PC. I recently finished the 2016 remake of Doom distributed by Bethesda that I find excellent and I wanted to put in search of the first edition of Doom in its Mail Order version for a birthday gift :)

I did a lot of research and I could see that prices could very depending on the version (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.666). I also gather more informations with this forum and I thank you !

My question : what would be the reasonable price of a Doom Mail Order version in a very good state ?

I have the possibility to buy a Mail Order in average state (I think it’s the 1.0 versio) for 310€ in Europe (around 331$) but I am not really sure that it’s a good deal...

Can you guide me please?

A big thanks to you in advance to all !

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