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Uhbooh's DISASTER patch

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Some time ago, uhbooh made some TNT patches for Freedoom. They seem ok since the maintainers haven't mentioned anything about them. The only one that seems to be criticised is the disaster patch:

Mainly the usage of the old font is reason why they do not want it in Freedoom. Would it really look better with the blocky letters? Something about this old font feels right with the words "disaster area".

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chungy said:

Using the newer font would be better. Please fix.

Well, chungy doesn't like it/prefer it.

fraggle said:

Is there a reason why disaster.gif uses the old (now replaced) Freedoom font?

Fraggle's skeptical about it.

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Thanks for making this thread, voros. I used the old font because the original patch had the words drawn in blood. The old font resembles blood more than the new one so I used it.

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