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I started seriously mapping for doom in 2016, so now a year later I figured I'd actually join the forums I've been lurking since forever and upload some of my maps.

Starting with the Ultimate Doom maps. I compiled them into a single boom compatible wad for convenience, but there's not even an episodes worth of them. Therefore you'll have to warp to some of the levels. All of my maps are also made for pistol start, continuous play may mess with the balance.
Lastly, critique and feedback is forever welcome, but keep in mind some of the levels are from long ago and I'd like to believe I've improved since then.

Download link

Here's some screenshots with short level summaries:

E1M1: Where's my shotgun?

An E1M1 replacement for a now deceased /vr/ Episode 1 community project. Made on April 1st 2016

E1M2: 1024Quite an old attempt at a 1024 congestion map, I don't consider it very good. Made on August 13th 2015

E1M3: 5 minutesIt wasn't originally named this, but it looks like it was made in 5 minutes. Safe to skip this one IMHO. Made on February 9th 2016

E1M8: Phobos AbnormalityAn E1M8 replacement also for the aforementioned /vr/ project. Pretty high in body count for an episode 1 map. Made on June 5th 2016

E1M9: Relentless ReactorMy personal favorite of this bunch, excellent stress relief thanks to the slightly ridiculous number of enemies. It is in E1M9 solely because I feel it should be the last map played in this wad. Must be warped to as E1M3 does not have a secret exit. Made on June 15th 2016

I hope you'll enjoy these levels as much as I enjoyed making them at the time.

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It doesn't load in PrBoom+

Very odd, it works just fine in prboom for me. Is there anything that would make a wad break in plus that wouldn't break it in regular prboom?

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I tried to look inside the WAD via Deutex's -wadir command, but I get the error message "invalid wad magic". Deutex can't even read the WAD, which shouldn't happen if the file is a WAD.

GZDoom doesn't even load the PWAD levels, just the IWAD ones.
Think you can look into it?

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I looked inside the wad using slade but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
So I have reuploaded the file, thinking that something might have went wrong there. You can try redownloading. Make sure you are using the doom.wad iwad to load it.

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Hmm, I'm dumb. For some reason, I downloaded a 143 kb file called dopadoom.wad. Curses, MediaFire, curses. Anyway, downloaded the actual 1.13 mb file this time.

Maps looking good so far. I like the classic '90s theme here. Will post FDA demos soon.

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