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Soul Harvester DOOM

Challenge me!

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Hey, I have a Chanel in YouTube about DOOM multiplayer. And I had an idea.

My chanel is only about free for all. Deathmatch.

If you tell me challenges, I will complete them if I can, and I will upload a video of me doing that challenge. If you are interested in making a challenge for me, please make it real and posible. Please don't write "40 kills 0 deaths" or something like that. I know can be done. but don't expect me to do that in one try. Thank you for Reading this!

This is my chanel, don't subscribe or anything. I'm not searching to be famous or something. just having fun, and hopefully if you challenge me, you can have some fun too. thanks for Reading.


I repeat. This post is for you to challenge me, not to make publicity of my chanel.

I have 2 subs and 80+ videos. Really. It's just for fun!

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1. No sound. It's a lot easier in campaign due to music cues, but in multiplayer, there's no music, so finding out where enemies are will be tough of you can't see them.

2. No direct hits. Try and use the rocket launcher and/or grenade launcher, and try to kill using only splash damage. This will be tough because the explosive weapons were meant to be direct hit, as splash damage is a joke. If you land a direct hit, you lose.

3. Be crippled. Keep crouching activated. It will be hard to do something as simple as dodge a rocket. Even the burst rifle will pose a serious threat.

4. Glory kills only. Try to complete a match with nothing but glory kills. This includes demons, so say goodbye to power weapons besides the chainsaw.

5.Friendly mode. Try to survive a match with no weapons. This includes the 4 grenades, telefraging, and melee. If you die before the match ends, you lose. What should be a first person action game becomes outlast with roid induced super soldiers on Mars.

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I accept you challenges.

But not all of them.

1 2 and 3 will be compleated. And the videos will be uploaded on february 16

Sorry about that but I will be bussy, so... that's why

Challenge 4 is almost imposible. I asume that I have to get the 1st place, and for that i need 40 kills, that means 40 glory kills. I will try but don't get dissapointed if I don't upload the video.

Challenge 5 is really hard. But I will try too. I think that is posible, so I will do my best to complete it.

Thanks for your challenges. if you have more, I will accept them.

See ya!

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Soul Harvester DOOM said:

I asume that I have to get the 1st place

You don't. Just finish enemies off with melee to win the challenge, not the game.

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