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Gunman Taco Truck

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So this little indie game has been designed by John Romero's 9 year old son, apparently. As far as designing goes, I'm assuming it's a pitch made by a child rambling about a dream where a Mexican makes Tacos and shoot mutants as he races to the next destination to feed some people. However the game itself looks half decent for a time waster.

$12 game worth? Not sure about that. All in all, has potential and related to the Romero family.

My question, has anyone played it and is it any good?

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I picked it up on steam (think it's also on android)

Really is a awesome game, the humor in the story and characters is great, the action and gameplay very arcade-like, and the sounds and visuals some of the best retro/throwback of any out there.

Alot of inside jokes in the game as well, I think the main character is Romero's dad.

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I heard it was his 12 year old that dreamed it up unless it took 3 years to make. Names sell games and Gunman Taco Truck is a seller. Oh and the Romero name helps.

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