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Doom 64 EX music WAD, feedback wanted

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I'm not entirely familiar with how Doom 64 EX handles MIDI files, but decided to give a try.


The wad should replace the MUSAMB## lumps inside doom64.wad and effectively play those midis in game rather than ambience.
I would like to know if it worked or not. I can't test it myself because I don't have a computer anymore.

You'll need to use Doom 64 EX, obviously. Please post here if any of the MIDIs play in game. Thanks in advance.

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I can safely tell you that custom midis do not work with EX. I tried it before with a music pack of mine but to no avail. It's the way engine handles FluidSynth which is different than how (G)Zdoom, Zandronum, and/or PrBoom+ does it.

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Impboy4 said:

It's the way engine handles FluidSynth which is different than how (G)Zdoom, Zandronum, and/or PrBoom+ does it.

It actually works exactly the same, which is itself the real issue. Doom64 needs to provide its own soundfont for the music to function, but that soundfont is vastly too unique to make any sense with just any MIDI. You need to replace the soundfont as well or compose MIDIs specifically for Doom64's soundfont.

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Seems to work, but I'm not sure if its coming out the way you intended.

You need to write your MIDIs using the DOOMSND.SF2 soundfont, you can't just write using the GMIDI sounds and expect them to sound the same in DOOM64EX. Only the notes in the DOOMSND.SF2 will play and they will play exactly the way they sound if you open them in a soundfont player in your DAW of choice.

Its easy enough to do, I've fooled around with writing custom MIDIs for DOOM64EX. You just load up a bunch of soundfont players in your DAW, load in DOOMSND.SF2 in each one, and write your piece, then copy all the notes and automation over to MIDI out channels and export as MIDI (or export simply as a MIDI, whichever your DAW prefers)

When I experimented with this I found the tempo in-game to be much much slower that what I had written, so you may need to export your MIDI at a faster tempo than what you want. With some experimentation I'm sure you could find the exact factor of how much faster it needs to be.

Good luck!

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The Doom 64 tech bible didn't have much on how MIDIs are handled in game, hence this test. Thanks for responding!

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There also seems to be some tom-foolery do to with note releases and new notes playing after one has already played.

I tried my old test track again, and for example, the snare only triggers once and then never plays again in-game. I've worked with MIDI a lot and there's never been an issue like this, so definitely something to do with the specific way DOOM64EX handles MIDI.

Here's the track played by soundfonts from the DAW (as it should sound):

And here's what it sounds like in-game:

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