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Action 5/91

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Hi there! I'm running into strange problems as usual and beg for your help.

So we've got this. The player steps on the platform with the powerup and the platform insta-lowers into the snakes area.

Sector 1 -- tag X, C/F 400/328 (the trouble-maker)
Sector 2 -- 72/0 (the dummy sector)
Sector 3 -- 408/320 (where the player comes from)
Sector 4 -- 192/64 (the destination)
Linedef A -- action 5 or 91 (W1/WR Floor raise to lowest ceiling), tag X

When I load the map to test it and IDSPISPOPD to this part, it sometimes works, but sometimes it just plays the "CLICK" sound upon entering the sector 1 and doesn't lower.
When it does work, just restarting the level, even via "New Game" or IDCLEV11 breaks it again.
Leaving it that way ain't an option, heh, but I can't figure out what's the problem here.

What should I do?

The port is vanilla, BTW.


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One of the monsters in the closet on the bottom left of your screenshot seems to be overlapping a door, which the engine would evaluate as being stuck. If there is any thing stuck within the area of a sector's bounding box, the sector can't move. The bounding box of joined sectors spans the entire rectangular area around all parts of the sector, so that the bounding box of your sector 1 might be spanning the area where this monster is, or another stuck thing somewhere else in the map, especially if the sector is also joined with other sectors in the map that can't be seen in this screenshot.

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