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Is there any way to fix this loading problem?

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I stopped playing Doom 2016 mildly into Kadingir Sanctum, where the game was running perfectly fine. I go back to the save later, and it straight up freezes now when it reaches 88%. I should point out for emphasis that this was the same area that worked without a hitch the first time, making me believe the save could be corrupted, especially since I can play Snapmap levels and choose previous levels without a problem. Is there a way to force the game to start me at the beginning of Kadingir Sanctum rather than trying to restore my save, which seems to cause it to crash? I'd hate to have to lose all of my progress.

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Seems some people are finding success by moving it from a HDD to an SSD, but it's not a guaranteed fix (judging by responses).

General information I'm finding suggests it's something to do with memory leaks and textures getting stuck. Overall it seems to be a common issue with no clear fix. I'll keep searching and edit this post if I find anything more concrete.

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I find it quite unusual how Kadingir Sanctum works just fine if I continue from Argent Tower (I tried this in Arcade Mode) but, if I try to load it directly from the menu (Continuing my game or picking it in Arcade Mode), it causes a crash.

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