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Music video I made for DOOM featuring some industrial metal

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So I made this last month and I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome as I plan on making more videos like this in future and becoming an active member of the community.

Sorry about the quality drop in places, Youtube did something during the processing stage.

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Great editing, overall a very good job.

I must say some particular transitions and effects seemed out of place and/or out of time:

- The paintsplat transition used around the 0:50 mark seemed like it was only used that once, which was inconsistent.

- There were effects used in most choruses where speedup & slowdown was used in conjunction with 'pulses' of colour inversion. The effect was quite dramatic and used well, but sometimes I felt it wasn't too tied into the beat.

- The spoiler alert at the start seemed kinda pointless as it was coupled with the dead final boss... I wouldn't have worried about that and simply put a spoilers note in the video description, naturally people watching this either don't care about spoilers or have already played anyways! :P

All in all though, very impressive! :)

Welcome to Doomworld.

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Thanks for the feedback, I genuinely appreciate it.

The timings were a hard one to nail down and I honestly struggled with it. In future I'll try to obtain a beat track to try to improve this.

You're not the first to comment about the spoiler alert, it seems the general consensus is it was in poor taste. The logic at the time was that I'd figured everyone would know that the Spider Mastermind would be the final boss, even those who hadn't played Doom 2016, but kept away from the new aspects like the Guardians, context with main characters, runes and collectibles. I admit, if I did it again I would do a different warning at the start.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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